Fifa World Cup 2018 COUNTDOWN: 5 Days to Go | Group E | Group F | Who will qualify?

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In 4 days, the 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup will start in Russia.

In my last posts I shared my tips of the outcome of the Group A, B, C and D with you.

You can read it here:
1. Group A and B
2. Group C and D

In this post I would like to share my tips of Group E and F with you.

Group E

The group E consists of
Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

The favorite in this group is no doubt Brazil. Second place will be decided between Serbia and Switzerland. If Switzerland manages a draw or even to win their first game (which is against Brazil) then they will have a really good chance to survive the group phase.
But if they lose which I expect, then Serbia vs. Schweiz will decide the runner up for this group. Here I will go for Serbia. So if you consider the fifa ranking you can say that Serbia (ranked 35th) will upset Switzerland (ranked 6th).

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe E after all games are played

Costa Rica4

Brazil and Serbia qualify.

Group F

The group F consists of
Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Korea Republic.

Even though they have been Struggling lately, Germany should lead group F. Predicting the second place for this group is also difficult. I am picking Mexico in front of Sweden. But I have to admit that it could go either way.

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe F after all games are played.

Korea Republic4

Germany and Mexico qualify.

Thanks for reading!


In group E I doubt between Switserland and Serbia. My gut feeling says Switserland. We always tend to underestimate them! But they really have a great team!
I do think that the prediction for group F is spot on! The international friendlies weren't a success for Mexico, but maybe that will motivate them to go the extra mile!
Curious what your prediction will be for group H!

That's true Switzerland is often being underestimated. Looking at the fifa ranking could make me rethink my pick...
But I can justify my tip by pointing to the Market Value of the both teams: Serbia is sligthly better.

For group H: wait and see :-)

Your predictions are spot on. But if Brazil is gonna win every game 1-0 I'm rooting for anyone but them!

Brazil doesn't seem to have that explosive offensive like in the past, but they still have a good team. Even if they only win 1-0 :-)

Today they played a team with bad defense and no motivation. But I'm taking all Brazil games under 2.5 goals. 💰💰💰

Go go Korea!
Good luck!!

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