Yes, I saw it. It's decreasing in value for a while, but it had a sudden spike and almost reached double the value of STEEM. I'm curious what would be the reason...

No idea, not sure how we can capitalize though either

Oh, you are still here! I missed you already. 😀
The SBD pump is due to stupid HitBTC and they have no working wallet there...
Anyway, it's time for a Steem pump - I want to sell some Steem in July for a nice weekend 😀

I am coming back! Took a short break to do some internal work and get a better direction :) Gotta get back to writing and chatting with everyone and catch up on my favorite blogs

When I visit Steembottracker, it still says $1,71 for SBD. On blocktrades it also seems to say 0,70 Steem for 1 SBD. Am I lagging? :)

No it's just on coinmarketcap, there must be something to prevent quick pumps from being capitalized on steemit and blocktrades or something, probably good for stability, my bad.

Yeah mate, the same happened 2 days ago, it is the exchange hitbtc, but that exchange has its wallets frozen.

So sadly there is no pump yet :/

I realized too late, hoping to sell some of my SBD for steem! Stopping by your blog soon, its been too long

But, mr jakey every time it shows boost, i try to trade it with steem but it doesnt give the same rate as on coinmarket :(

I know, so upsetting :( haha I jumped the gun, my b

No worries :)

Hi Jake(y),

I woke up excited a couple of days ago, made a quick sell of sbd - with my half awake brain and then discovered I miscalculated and it hadn't risen at all. More info here:

P.S. Welcome back! :>)

ya, I spoke too soon, I hadn't checked prices or steemit in a while so got excited :(

I think that is actually a good thing. I'm still checking prices like an OCD-er and I can't say it has a positive influence on my mood :>)