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MinnowBooster and BuildTeam hereby support the SBD Potato initiative!

Read more about it here...

As a business, we recognise the importance of having a stable currency that users can trade with low cognitive load and concern of value fluctuation. Merchants can also have the security of the point of sale value being retained right through to paying for supply chain costs.

The @sbdpotato project seeks to redirect STEEM inflation rewards to tackle the issue of the Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) peg not currently being supported, resulting in an SBD value of circa 69 US cents, which is far from the intended pegged value.

MinnowBooster has spare voting power it can utilise to vote @sbdpotato posts and in addition, will set some of the BuildTeam projects' posts to have a 20% beneficiary going to the SBD Potato initiative to fast track the healing of the SBD peg.

We urge the community to join us in making a difference. Fixing SBD will likely restore faith in STEEM and help improve the depressed STEEM price.

You too can help by voting for @sbdpotato posts, setting your account on autovote using Steemvoter or your favourite automation service and finally by setting a beneficiary on your posts to @sbdpotato as we have done!

Beneficiaries can be easily set using steempeak.com, refer you our instruction post for a full tutorial.

Happy Boosting!

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Beneficiary Declaration: This is a 20% @sbdpotato beneficiary post!


this is amazing idea

Now this is interesting :) I've started prototyping @bank.sbd service to help with the peg. It basically sells delegations for SBD where 1 SBD = 1 USD always (hope to add more functionalities that help with the peg over time):


Of course it does not have nowhere near SP to make any difference but maybe one day :) Feeding it daily!

That’s pretty cool I’m glad you are trying to help the peg also. If the @sbdpotato project gets traction I may speak to you about coding automatic SBD purchase and conversions, I’ll start by doing it manually.

It would be great to have it hold the peg. What about the original design of the system is failing us?

Edit: I read through the initial post so it’s more clear now.

Steem is lucky to have you! Why don’t we see you speaking at Steemfest?

Hey @kus-knee thanks so much, glad it is clear now. I haven't been to Steemfest as I have been in the process of immigrating but I hope to be there next year.

That would be great. As far as I remember you are in south Africa. I was with two South Africans in Italy yesterday.

Yip yip :) very dangerous country.

Yes, this is the cousin to #spud Your support for #spud8 would be huge!!!

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I was thinking the same thing, @streetstyle! 🎉 😊

@thecryptodrive, SPUD is @streetstyle's initiative for Steem Power Up Day - it's been the first of the month for the past 7 months now. Here's his latest post for the upcoming #SPUD8 on December 1st -


That's a cool initiative too thanks for clarifying.

You're very welcome, @thecryptodrive! If you have any other questions, please shout out! I'm sure @streetstyle would be happy to answer them (or I could, if they're easy enough...lol!). 😊

What does spud do?

Steem price should be up to USD 0.40 or 0.50 again. That should be steem normal price

I think it should be more than $1 :)

To whom do I direct questions and how do I get involved

How interesting . So cool.☑️

i'll try voting some future posts on sbdpotato.

It is interesting

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It is great.

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Yes, you will reach out to everyone in a short time. Your support for this #spood8 will be huge !!!