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Christianity is a act of self denials and not self pretence, the bible says by there fruits we shall know them, but to us in Nigeria, what we see to be born again is pretence, in Nigeria, all we keep on practicing is religion in Christendom, we left the ways of the lord and we create doctrines for ourselves by church denominations. What our church leaders use to evaluate our Christian ability is our character towards physical, church activates and our punctualities to every Church program. Instead of us bringing men for God.
A born again brother is man who wore shirt, nice trousers, put on tie, and even wear a blazer suit is he can afford it, he always attend the mid week program, he’s always active to the church program and always have a leading heart. When it comes to prayers, no he doesn’t joke with that, he always pray like fight will descend sfrom heaven physically, he’s always friendly and always respectful. When it comes to giving for the work of Gog, oh, he always try his all ability to give to his last dime. If God can just bless him a little and he’s a bit rich, then the pastor will call him a successful man and a man of faith and a man that has used his glory for the Lord (even if he’s a murderer, thief, smoker, even fornicator but once he can pretend perfectly and act for the church, then he’s a sample for the church and before we know it the man will be given a post in church and that’s the origin of corruption in the church today. A man who’s weak spiritually and corrupted in the society secretly will now be elected to govern the people of God, leadership in the church now turns out to be on credit and not on the will and directions of God.

The poor men in the church will be oppressed and he will be forced to do anything to be a successful man and from there he will go everywhere and any length to be rich so that he too can be elected for a higher position in the church and from there, corruption keep spreading and people start putting politics instead of the will of God, we forsake our primary assignment which was to gain souls for God, we changed Gods plans for our riches. There’s no shortcuts for the work of God. Its time for the real gospels be said to the world. Enough of time wasted for our riches, corruption cant end if its ending doesn’t start from the church. All we need to do is to go back to the cross and seek for the right path God ask us to trend. Corruption can only end if its ending start from the church


As Christians, we need to live our lives and act like Jesus Christ

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The Bible recorded that judgement will start from God's house. We christian like to be acknowledged and praises of mere men than God. When we learn to be God pleasers....things will turn for the better

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