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The initial plane of God for man is to stay immortal and be so closer to God, that was why He kept man so close to Him in the Garden of Eden. God want men to walk in His way and abide with Him forever but the serpent (devil) used his corny ways and took man way from the presence of God. Since then, God has been trying His Best to draw mankind back to His kingdom.
In the beginning God created everything without any stress and it doesn’t took Him much time to perfect everything He created. God has sent so many prophets to the world in the old testament, (e.g. Eli, Samuel, Elisha..) but they couldn’t save mankind, but instead they did great wonders that is beyond human reasoning and some of the prophets also destroyed.
God wasn’t satisfied and thought about how He can save the world and bring back humanity into their Immortality in His kingdom, then he sent His only begotten son for one special purpose which was to save humanity from the hands of the ruler of the world (devil)
In the Old Testament, God found blemish in the way people use to ask from the cleansing of their sins which was to sacrifice animals that are clean without blemish to God to Appease God. God sees that that method wasn’t good enough because sometimes there isn’t much grace for the people to amend their ways before the quick judgment of God strikes in annoyance. But God love humanity that he need to look for more grace for human for us to have time to repent from our ways and have a sufficient grace that can prove his love for us as a God.
Jesus came to this world out of Gods own love to humanity, for the redemption of our sins and so that our souls can be redeemed for the kingdom of the creator, Jesus didn’t come into this world because of our wealth or our riches, but He came for the redemption of our soul, to bring us back to the kingdom of God and to show us how to walk perfectly in the ways of God. Jesus didn’t came to this world for because of the rich or because of the wealthy men, He didn’t came for the titled men, He didn’t come for the top class citizens of the society but he came for our souls. Though He’s a God that is capable of providing for our needs but He needs us to do His will first. Jesus came to bring light into the darkness that as covered the world for ages, bringing light here doesn’t mean civilization but He came to show us what real gospel simply means. Christianity is different from religion, He came to bring back God’s will for humanity.
When Jesus came into this world, He came through a nobody (Joseph a carpenter and Mary a oil seller), it doesn’t take Him anything to come through the richest king back then to show much respect by the world and to show His royalty but no He stood so low and came as a common man and in every gardening He found Himself, He always preach the truth and about the kingdom of God and this was one of the reason why He died young. Before Jesus started His mission, He have been attending so many gathering and He have been learning from the those gatherings, He sit and sieve those preaching preached by those people and He took His time to see what we has been lacking in the preaching. The gospel jesus brought to us didn’t condemned any doctrine but He came with pure Gospel, He didn’t came with doctrine teachings but He came to show as the right way to the kingdom of God and this is the only great commission that He as given onto us, He said, “go ye into the world and preach the Gospel” that is the only biggest task He as given us to do, he didn’t ask us to come up with our own type of doctrine preaching, all He need us to do is to save souls, not by putting other people into the bondage of our own style of living. He said, “ Ye that are saved rise for the salvation of other”, He came for soul wining and that’s what He also expect us to do as a Christian.
All what God is asking for us to bring people from darkness to light, not by doctrine preaching, not by differentiation your church from other churches or proving that your church as the right qualification to take people to heaven. Bringing multitude of people together isn’t revival, but when you save a lost soul to the kingdom of God then revival as taken place. Jesus want us to save others as we have been saved, enough of our pretence life, its time for us to live our lives the way God want it. All want God want from us is the spread of pure salvation of souls to His kingdom.


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