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for revival to take place or for someone to be praying for revival it means such person is spiritually of from sleeping spiritually. The reason is because moat of the churches today are doing those things that is most God concern but all are after prosperity which will eventually lead to hell.
David said to Go revive me. God have time, vision for all existing things and period. The period we are is the period that God is requesting from the church and indivdduals for transformation of the present condition of the church. The major aim and objective of this is to gain more soul to heaven for God's own kingdom

This topic is divided into three subtopic

  1. What is rivival? 2chro 7:14-15 As we are considering the deeper mind of God about revival, all why God plans to do is in revival. Revival is not dancing, clapping as one may have thought, its not even in miracles as we are all searching for it today, revival is not also thw normal programme we conduct but a new transformation. Revival lead to a new change and new life. Revival isn't about running up and down for miracles, is not that crusade we always have I'm our church on the stadium. Revival is new transformation completely turning tp God and seeking God right path to follow and his right direction to make heaven

  2. Why do we need revival (ii Tim 3:6-7) today all our churches are just found of their selfishness and our church leaders turn God own business to our own business, the reason why God sent his only begotten son to this weaker word as changed to another business partnership, all our church keep on doing is to just bring poeple together and just open a financial office on the congregation. But now is the right time for us to go back to that early reason why God as sent his only son to us to save us and we should also rise for the salvation of others, to bring poeple to the right path of God this is the reason we need revival, we need revival for us to bring the church back to her place

  3. When do we need revival iiCor 6:2.Is 49:8: no other time for revival that this time, we need revival in a period like this. When thw end time is near, the love or many believers habe waxed cold and Christianity presently has turned to civilization. Christians of the 21st century now handle God's love with levity hand. Its time for us to come back. Let the revival start now. Like from this moment


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