One day at the time!

The peak performance is awesome. But, depending on your potential, your skills, and your focus, you can only maintain it for a shorter or longer period of time. In theory, you can maintain indefinitely, but in practice, this is not possible. Sooner or later you will get distracted. And the times we live in are not friendly. There are distractions everywhere. We got noise pollution, visual attractions, colored environments, perfumes, and funny smells, all kinds of distractions, all of them competing for your attention.


You may be lucky enough to learn about flow. To find how to be happy doing something that you enjoy. And the time will go by. You know, in Einstein's theory of relativity, time is going slower or faster, depending on which side of the bathroom door you are. But you found out your flow. You are one of the few chosen ones. And then, you discover that flow is good, but doesn't last as much as you would like. You are on top of the world now, and then you are not. Is getting worst. You may age, and you may find it difficult to get back into the flow. Or it can be even impossible, as we, humans, are limited. In time, in resources, in any other way, you can think.

And this is not even the hardest lesson that you need to learn. Sometimes, even giving your best, you may lose. You may not reach your target. Of course, this can be the way you fall, or the way you rise, learning from that lesson, and becoming even better than you have ever been. The best of the best. But you need to remember, as this can happen. SOMETIMES, even when you do your best, you may lose. Don't make a great deal out of this. Take it as a necessary lesson, and start to train to be even better.

The lesson of the best minds. How can I do this impossible dream in 10 years? And what do I need to do to finish it in one year instead of ten? What about a month? Do the plan, do the strategy, execute the steps, adapt, and you will be amazed. There is always a better way, a faster way. A lot of stuff is impossible until someone is doing it. You may need more people to help you, more resources, and more time to allocate. And the best of it, even if you do it in two years instead of one, you still win. You saved eight years out of the ten-year plan that you made initially. In our hypothetical example. The limits exist, they are here, but only to be destroyed. They are present, but they do not define us.

And one more idea. Execution is everything. The famous first step. One hard-working average person will always achieve more than a lazy genius. Put in the effort, and start the work on your plan. Whatever the plan is, no matter how outrageous.

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Yes, I know, sometimes I need to give some motivational discourse to myself, too. Until next time, I wish you a good day.


Yes, I know, sometimes I need to give some motivational discourse to myself, too.

Who doesn't?! 😊


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