So, what is your very dark side?

Wanting to get rid of the most useful to man has ever created? And thereby destroying our civilization and starving billions? That's a pretty neat dark side. To me it kind of overshadows all the conspiracy nonsense you post.

close to $300 trillion global debts so far and counting - we'll see WHO is going to destroy civilization first - it is coming!!

Yes, under 300 trillion in debt offset by 360 trillion in assets, with trillions in new assets growing every year due to free trade enabled by the use of money.

Getting rid of money would end our civilization. BILLIONS would starve.

You are one evil bitch for wanting that.

you are wrong the global DGP was about 80 trillion 2 years ago (covid lockdowns have caused several black holes in the global economy and climate lockdowns are also coming) and 50 trillion wealth is shared by the billionaires and millionaires getting richer by the days !!

yes 300 trillion debt is going to siphon the world economy NO IF BUT WHEN - SEE YOU THEN

Do you ever get tired of your "The Sky Is Falling" schtick?

It's pretty boring.