And Now: Turbo Cancer

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The above image was made using stable diffusion with the prompt 'a tumor surrounded by a colorful cloud of dna.'

I've never been against vaccines. But I do think our society over-vaccinates and over-medicates. When the experimental COVID vaccine came out a couple of years ago, I saw it as a pointless and harmless moneymaker for Big Pharma. I had no intention of getting the COVID shot, but my mom pressured me into it, going so far as to assume financial liability for any ill effects I might experience from the injection. So I got two shots of Moderna.

Predictably, regardless of vaccination status, everyone got COVID anyway. The shots were especially useless for younger people. Useless, but not always harmless. According to a recent newsletter, "Vaccine adverse event numbers are made publicly available, and currently show 2,543,974 COVID vaccine injury reports, 36,501 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths, and 211,257 COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations." In 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services said that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.

The implications of these figures are troubling. They suggest that the vaccine wasn't really safe, which makes me regret succumbing to the social pressure to vaccinate. The more information comes out, the worse it looks. Which brings me to turbo cancer.

Recently I watched an interview on Epoch Times titled Dr. Ryan Cole: How DNA Contamination May Explain Post-Vaccination Rise in Cancers, Autoimmune Diseases, and Clots. Cole was canceled for challenging establishment narratives about the pandemic, yet he seemed credible and sincere on camera.

The interview covered vaccine manufacturing, DNA fragment contamination, and the basic problems with mRNA technology in general. Here's an excerpt:

For the trials, at least for Pfizer, there's a very synthetic PCR-type process in making up the mRNA sequence for these shots. That's what was given to 40,000 people, and this was a very deliberate, synthetic, engineered attempt at a precision-type process. That's dubbed "process 1." In terms of getting a lot of this made for billions of people, a second process was used, which was only tested on about 252 people instead of 40,000 people. That was taking this complementary DNA sequence that is the reverse pattern of the spike to make mRNA a message, and then your body would make that protein in your cells. There was a big old switcheroo. We did the trials on this very controlled synthetic process. ... They're supposed to put in an enzyme that goes in and breaks down any residual DNA. Even up to the current vials of the fall booster ... there is still this bacterial plasmid DNA contamination within these vials. The FDA allows up to, in gene products, 10 nanograms of DNA per dose, but that's based on old technology. ... But it does explain a lot of the really strange happenings in the human body that we're seeing in terms of clots, autoimmune disease, and cancers, because we're changing signals within cells. Human cells are meant to make human proteins. Human cells were not meant to make foreign proteins. When we program people's cells to make things they're not supposed to make, they can go haywire, they can mutate, and they can become a target of our own immune system attacking ourselves.

On the turbo cancers specifically, Cole said:

The bigger concern is these smaller DNA fragments are binding to or near tumor-suppressor or tumor-promoter genes. Knowing that these are fragmented into billions of short, medium, and long fragments, it's the short ones that we worry about. Those are known carcinogens. MicroRNA is also a known carcinogen in many toxicity studies.

If I'm understanding correctly, 'process 2' manufacturing of the vaccine increased the number of tiny DNA fragments in the product, and these fragments can randomly change how our genes are expressed. According to The Defender, DNA contamination is a known carcinogen. I wasn't able to easily corroborate the specifics of the manufacturing process issue but did find a paper mentioning the two processes.

No matter the details, this is all very dystopian. DNA fragment contamination of mass injections sounds very futuristic and not in a good way. Pharma must've known. The government must've known. They knew and they lied, maintaining until now that the shots were safe and effective.

Clotting. Heart failure. Turbo cancer. These aren't minor issues. In a sane world, they'd be show stoppers. And the next time our powers that be tell us something is safe, we'll know better than to believe them.

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It was by far the biggest scandal of medicine in human history. The deadliest mass trial. The most ruthless collaboration between politics and big pharma imaginable.
And those people are still in power!

For sure. And the more we learn, the worse it gets.

"Perfectly safe"

Some people even make sure that they took complete three doses. It is really crazy but I’m glad I didn’t take it
I didn’t even have a tangible reason for not liking it then. I didn’t just want it

Sounds like you made a good call.

Thanks for writing on this emerging, deeply important topic!!! Most people, including me, didn't know about the 'process 2' manufacturing of the vaccine that enabled mass production.

Right. I'd heard about 'bad batches' of vaccine suggesting manufacturing problems, but the quality problems were way worse than bad batches if the whole process 1 process 2 thing is accurate.

And some people are not paying attention to their health state

Some people don't even know how to pay attention to their health.