AI will help find Galaxy Clusters

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Scientist are working to explore and identify Galaxy Clusters.
Now the Galaxies we are living in are reffered to as low density Galaxy, why? Because every near by galaxy is atlest 1000s of LY away from us. milky Way and our nearest Galaxy Andromada are such example.

While there are more dense Galaxies are also present in space containing higher much higher no of stars than our galaxies do and these are termed as Galaxy Clusters.

Scientist want to spot these clusters because they believe studying these galaxies will help understand about the behavior and properties of Dark Matter.

Dark matter also called Antimatter help scientist to explain a lot of undescribable events so sudying this matter is of large importance.

Spotting Such galaxy clusters was quite difficult with existing tech so Astronomers are now turning toward Artificial Intelegence to easily identify such Galaxies.

a deep learning technology called "Deep-CEE" (Deep Learning for Galaxy Cluster Extraction and Evaluation)is developed that speeds up the hunt for galaxy clusters.

It was persented by Matthew Chan, at the Royal Astronomical Society's National Astronomy meeting on 4 July.

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