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Animals Conservation is the process by which animal is preserved to reduce the risk of losing them for future, scientific and historical purposes.


Animal conservation can also be defined as the preservation of animals from waste, loss and going into extinction.
However, other than animal conservation, there are different aspect or forms of conservation which imclude plant conservation, ecological conservation, ecosystem conservation, e.t.c

Reasons for conservation of animals

  • To develop the museum: Some animals that eventually lost their life could be mounted scientifically and put up in museum for historical purpose for upcoming generation to assess and see
  • To aid continuity of some species of animals.
  • For zoological purpose: Biology or science students might go on excursion to visit the zoo as well as other individuals interested.
  • For tourism center for private and public uses: This can generate fund for the founder that is if it's private. It can give funds to government in the process increasing the country revenue and enhancing economic development.

To prevent animals from going into extinction

  • A stated law including 20years in prison should be stipulated by the government on any individual that hurt these animals.
  • Farmers should also be educated. Its common in Africa, when farmers see animal they attack immediately but once they are enlightened they will know the value of these animals.
  • Government should employ numerous forest guards, awareness team, and monitoring team to control the activities of all individual (lumbers, farmers and hunters) in the forest.