Jacque Fresco - Investigating Behavior (Part 2)

in #science3 years ago

Jacque Fresco talks about projections people have about the behavior of animals, interpretations of the word "love", the important of experience in determining people's behavior, relativity, among other topics.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

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Perhaps the most underutilized scientific discipline, that everyone should know more about!

Thanks for the share!

It was Jacque's birthday 2 days ago? The 13th of March?
I almost cried last year when he passed away. I am so glad my partner convinced me to visit him a few years ago. It was very clear in her mind: "If you are going to spend your life working on this man's vision, you better meet him while you can." It's funny how we sometimes need someone else to make us see something so obvious.

Greetings, thevenusproject
I had seen this video somewhere. Really and fortunately, we are all beings in mutation. Our beliefs and feelings can be modified over time to improve our interaction with the world. If we were a stagnant mind that did not learn anything, we would go through the situations of life and never learn from them, possibly being people who would always be suffering because they did not learn to solve things.

Many thanks for the post
good evening!

I am waiting for the next part to be posted. :D
Thanks @thevenusproject

a great inside to reaction system of our self.
Thanks for Sharing to All of you!

amazing!!! @nnnarvaez te recuerdas el sr que te comenté el otro dia Jacque Fresco, resulta que tienen un perfil de steemit y todo que hablan de su proyecto, el proyecto venus que genial, no conozco a los creadores del perfil ni a este usuario que hizo reesteem pero si te digo que te gustará mucho la filosofía de este pensador, cuando puedas echale un visstazo, en el canal del venusproject han subido muchos videos de Fresco, saludos y un abrazo para ti lml

Jacques is just brilliant... Projections and reactions are changing, especially about love, as Jacques said...

We must define what we do or we say in different times and that's how we come closer to the truth. It seems like a relative thing, but it's simple, we just need to approach the problems and answers much carefully and take much more things into account.

What a reaction to the question ''Is Universe intelligent'' by Jacques hahaha that was funny! I don't know who thinks Universe is intelligent, but I think it is a complex organism of nature and time. I wouldn't call it intelligent too.

The thing is that we cannot stay primitive and use primitive tools, we must pass our barriers for sake of the humanity. Let's learn to be reasonable!