Thanks For Sharing To All Of You.
It is so important to expand conciseness. But How?
You have to first expand your knowledge!!!

As you might have noticed, this lecture was recorded quite a time back. Now, The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project are separate entities.

Also, you need listening other parts of this lecture to avoid misinterpreting it.

By knowing and accepting yourself we can understand much more each others.. We must be supportive and not kill somebody's will...

I'm so glad I followed this trilogy.. It was an experience you can't get on every corner.. Thanks for making me think and expand..

Now, I'm eager too see what's next.. :)

An education system to teach others about the importance of advancement and technology in today's world would be extremely beneficial to many. This approach is something that could be taken into schools as an awareness campaign/program about the inefficiencies of some of our modern technology that is being used that is outdated and causing more environmental harm than good. (fossil fuels) We need to help others see that this vision of a technologically advanced society is a viable goal.