Jacque Fresco - Investigating Behavior (Part 4)

in #science3 years ago

Discussion on topics such as updating our tools and becoming adjusted to change, the rate of technological progress, how people cannot think or reason, notions of becoming sane, not liking people versus not liking their conditioning or cultural indoctrination.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

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Tools are invaluable for being able to get to the next step and or level. Without tools and the use of new and better tools there is little or no progression. It seems always a challenge to convince some people that their tools are outdated and in need of repair.

We need tools and it's nothing there to be ashamed about. Ego is a curtain that separates us from our world of knowledge. We need to free ourselves from our chains and realize that doubting and not knowing is a normal thing. We should be ashamed if we're not knowing and we don't seek the answers!

Anyway, I thought this is a trilogy, don't know why I thought that.. LOL but all cool xD

Change begin with us. I suspect the best way to change this tragedy is to learn how to use better tools ourselves. Which we can then pass down the later generations or even to our mates. :D