Jacque Fresco - Nothing Things

in #science3 years ago

Discussion on sports, the function of dancing, performing scientific experiments in space without sending people to space, methods for keeping control over people, technology as an extension of human systems, as well as other subjects.

This video was first published on our Youtube channel.

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Well, I'm open to discussion if somebody wants!

I know what Jacques is saying with sports that it control our minds... But, as I understood, I agree with what he's saying partly. BUT, as I believe some sports are made to control you, it is also an aspect of life that I suggest everyone must try! Especially, team sports!
If you have good coaches, you can grow as a person BIG TIME, you can get a sense for the team and how to care for your brothers and sisters. And what about that phrase Mens sana in corpore sano, or a healthy mind in a healthy body.

What I want to say is Anything can control you if you don't have a good tutor as a kid, and as an adult, if you neglect the process of thinking.

Keep going @thevenusproject!

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I have been so lucky to have met Jacque and Roxanne both in Florida, USA and in Copenhagen, Denmark where we were a team of Danes arranging for them to speak at 3 different important locations with as many audience members as possible of course!

I hope they are doing good! Jacque is by far one of the most wise and sympatic humans ever to grow up on our beautiful Home planet!

Lets keep growing together on Steemit! Thanks!

Yea, I agree with your comment

It would seem that television programming has indoctrinated entire generations into thinking that individual identity is tied to possession ownership.

Cool video. IMHO, maybe sports were created for nefarious reasons originally, yet the benefits for youth in regards to team sports far outweigh these negative assumptions.

I really like everything that this project @thevenusproject promotes.

informative post :) welldone @thevenusproject

Thanks for share experience front us