Jacque Fresco - Technocracy, City Strategies, Sourcing Information

in #science3 years ago

Jacque Fresco talks about the Technocracy organization, how to arrive at decisions based on statistical data, the use of technology for beneficial and harmful purposes, the history of many inventions and inventors, quoting the source, giving his work away, and other subjects.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

The Venus Project
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Greetings, the VenusProject

If you could summarize the Project Venus in a big sentence would be: It is a project that essentially aims to change the behavior of people according to the environment in which they live, ie the idea is to make a good environment so that we could have good people living with us in a system of government that would be the real democracy, without bosses, without money, without taxes, free energy, parks by the thousands, and everything self-sustaining and super technological, using all this only for the better life of the human being without harming the planet.

Thank you for posting and good evening!

An important key to changing human behavior is by educating the children. Generations of children who have been educated with Jacque Fresco's concepts how to achieve a better world will bring about these changes.

Using technology for the benefit of mankind in accordance with the resources of this planet (and not controlling people) is something many people misconceive. There is a general public fear from the plethora of news coming forward about Transhumanism and the age of "spiritual machines". Some examples are here http://www.keyholejourney.com/immortality.html

To thwart this fear, I think it is important to discuss more widely the aspect of technology with regard to TVP's dream of a world beyond Politics, War and Poverty.

I understand his position to think that but I also like how NIkola Tesla just gave his ideas to anyone... My main man! He was only inventing things to bring civilazation farther than ever, just like Jacques..

Thanks for always informative and deep thinking posts! Much love.