Jacque Fresco - What Causes Anger

in #science3 years ago

Discussion on what conditions produce anger, using language to relate to people with a different value set than yours, nothing things and something things, working with kids to help them deal with anger, converting feelings to actions, and other topics.

This video was first posted on our Youtube channel.

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Converting anger to an action pattern is a great idea for avoiding any future creation of additional problems in a given situation. It also helps to alleviate stress since you have moved from a point of just worrying in your mind to actually physically doing something about it .

Always great to see posts from TVP! Without exception relevant to the observation of our current social system and concerns, but also giving suggestions and blueprints to improve.

Do you ever blog about Buddhism? It seems to be the most psychological of spiritual traditions.

They talk a lot about anger and how to deal with what they call the defilements (greed, hatred and delusion).

Anyway good post.