I've seen your show.

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So, I kind of feel I have seen your show.

Once Spock was the alien, and Kirk and co taught him what it meant to be human. Then Data was taught what it meant to be human. Then Odo learned what it meant to be human. Then Kes and Neelix... were replaced by sexy Seven of Nine, who learned what it meant to be human again. Then we taught a sexy Vulcan what it meant to be human - full circle I guess.

Discovery teaches us what it means to be a human who is a Vulcan who is a human again, or a Klingon who is a human but a Klingon and a Trill and a hologram and then Picard and the whole android thing again.

Science Fiction has been doing this for a while. The whole human thing.

I guess Star Wars teaches us what it means to be a bad parent. To adopt kids and indoctrinate them. Obi Wan and Luke. Qui Gon and Anakin. Obi Wan and Anakin. Palpatine and Anakin. Anakin and Asoka. Ren and Kylo Ren and Snoke and Kylo Ren and Palpatine and Kylo Ren and Vader and Kylo Ren by extension. Rebels. The Mandalorian. The Bad Batch.

I've seen your show.

Now I want to see a different show. I don't want it to be about your relationship with your parents or your kids. I don't need you to adopt kids to show me how relatable you are. this isn't a fucking dating site.

This isn't Plenty-of-Space-Fish dot com.

Please do something slightly different. Have a slightly different dynamic. Don't feel that the audience needs an 'in' - its Star Wars and Star Trek. We've had forty fucking years of 'in'.

I suspect the Star Wars thing is designed to give both Star Wars loving children and Star Wars loving adults their weekly shot of soma.

I just want storytelling to evolve. Like the storytelling evolves - Mandalorian being a different style - but the underlying flavours are the same.

So, lets pretend Star Trek was real life.

But it is a bus, travelling slowly through a modern metropolitan area on a five minute mission.

Who is sat on that bus proudly explaining what it means - no, what it REALLY means - to be Mancunian. They are drunk. They are stoned. And they are probably racially abusing the person next to them.

Yeah, I know. All the gentle ribbing of Work and Data are about including them in the away team of diversity.

Don't even get me started on Star Wars IRL. These are twin abusive cults. But no sex because we are Disney. Babies only happen through midichlorian parthenogenesis - Lucas is very keen to point THAT out.

Everyone gets to be a chaste warrior monk.

We hail the success of the modern Marvel Studios films with their lack of romantic subplot. I read a novel called Flicker years ago, about the Cathars and a move towards turning Hollywood into some huge anti-sex industry... and it was strangely prophetic in the same way that Sci fi has become strangely prophylactic.

Like when you fly to the USA and you are in an airport and you can eat at the Cajun place or the Teriyaki place or the Chinese place, but all three sell something almost identical. Whether it is bourbon chicken or teriyaki chicken its the same price, the same plate, the same flavour, served by an identikit outlet with an identikit server.

It doesn't mean it tastes bad. But I had two layovers and fourteen hours in an airport. And i ate it already.

Me, I'm looking forwards to Dune. Lets hope they carry on and make the entire series of novels, because for people who want every meal to stay the same its one spicy meatball of multigenerational space fantasy.