2M SPT power will be delegated to SCT Team... ^^

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I'm very happy to post regarding 2 Million SPT power delegation to sct.png team... ^^

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Date : On September 3, 2019 (With the start of the KRWP service.)
Delegate : @sct.krwp
Purpose : To increase the user/value of Splinterlands and SteemCoinpan together.
(Hope to promoting Splinterlands and SteemCoinpan to each other.)

A. What is KRWP ?
For a stable author rewards, SteemCoinpan plans to issue KRWP, which is pegged at a value of KRW (1,000 KRW). The author reward will be received by @sct.krwp and the same value of KRWP will be issued to each author. We hope that this beta service will provide a stable reward for authors.
KRWP can be exchanged for STEEMP on the Steem-engine Exchange.

B. Who is @sct.krwp ?
@sct.krwp is a SteemCoinpan team account in charge of KRWP services and has 640,000 steempower, 2,000,000 SPT power and SCT power which will be increased as a beneficiary.
@sct.krwp will up-vote the postings on SteemCoinpan based on some condition.

C. How to get an up-voting from @sct.krwp ?
If you want to get up-voting from @sct.krwp, you need to hold KRWP token.
Depending on the percentage of KRWP holdings, you can receive one up-voting per day from @sct.krwp. (Example of up-voting ratio: 100% up-voting will be given when you hold 10% of distributed KRWP.)

D. How to get KRWP ?

  1. KRWP can be exchanged for STEEMP on the Steem engine Exchange.
  2. When you posting, use the advanced settings menu to set up the @sct.krwp account as a comment beneficiary account.
    The user's author rewards(steem and SCT only) will be received by proxy account @sct.krwp.
    KRWP calculated based on market value of SCT and steem will be sent to author for author rewards. The applicable market value is based on the price currently available on the SteemCoinpan site. Other tokens (excluding SCT and steem) of author's rewards will be returned to the author's account.
    Have a nice weekend and below links are for your convenience ... ^^
    SteemCoinpan : https://www.steemcoinpan.com/created
    Splinterlands : https://splinterlands.io/
    Splintertalks : https://www.splintertalk.io/created/

It's great to see more uses for steem engine, this tool just gets better and better!

Greetings, @ramires

Excelent notice, man!!! Have a nice day

such a great initiative. Hope this will help both SPT and SCT.

Thanks and i am very happy too reading this great news.

wow That's great news for #SPT .

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