Confusion from a long time SCT supporter

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Happy New Year to the SteemCoinpan community!!

I have been a non-korean SCT supporter from the early stage when SteemCoinpan was just founded half an year ago.

I support SCT because the team behind it gives me the feeling of good qualities and the website shows continuous improvement from time to time. Besides, the price of SCT showed strong support.

I hold 3,000 something SCTs, which is not huge compared to many kr SCT whales, but it is no small amount either.

However, as the time passes by, my confusion about SCT did not get cleared and many questions on my mind cannot be answered. I admit that I did not try my best to 'Google-translate' all the SCT posts in Korean, but I did try search some and translate some and couldn't get satisfactory answers still...

Here are my questions and I hope someone can answer them.

  • What's SCT's plan for future development? Especially regarding the development of non-kr users. Since there are several sub-tags for languages, I suppose that SCT does not want to limit itself within Korean community only. But so far I did not see any move that shows commitment on this.

  • How KRWP works? Since this is the form of authors' rewards, SCT should explain how this stable coin work. There should be some kind of guarantee exchange rate, not just the market rate, if it is called stable.

  • I am sure the team is aware that post income distribution is drastic in terms of SCT - trending ones (although hidden from website) get hundreds even thousands of SCT easily while others get single digit or less SCT... I am not egalitarian, but I just need to know the official attitude on this phenomenon since it obviously cannot be sustainable...

Those are the main question marks from me. If someone can really answer them, I will ask other smaller ones...

I hate to abandon the support for a project that I thought have big chance of success... That's why I ask publicly.

Thanks to anyone who responds.


Dear Dean.

Thanks for your comments and I understand those points are general issues among non-Korean users currently.

We have planned to provide all the notice and instructions in diverse languages. however, we have limited manpower and are concentrating to improve Korean based platform in first stage. If we can find qualified interpreters who can translate Korean to Chinese, English, Japanese and others, it would be helpful to find a way to solve those kind issues with cooperation.

We are welcome to hear any good ideas and could be discussed to improve platform for non-Korean users.

As second, you can get rewards with krwp when you set beneficiary 100% to sct.krwp in advance setting and posting or you can buy it on market. Actually we are developing swap service on our platform to exchange sct related tokens each others. We hope that the price of krwp would get stable stage when swap service is stable. We are doing our best to find proper use-case for krwp for the stable circulation as well.

For the last comment, you may need to understand the reward mechanism of sct token. Most trending may be shown on promoted category, because the those authors burned sct token(no limited) and his/her posting can be listed from top to down by the rank of burned amount. Sometimes some authors burn sct tokens more than 300 sct and his/her posting has high priority to get up-voting from our promoting account and other community pool or members.

Basically if someone wants to get high rewards there are several ways to get it, for example, 1) burn sct, 2) posting the contents which is available to get up-voting from curators and users, 3) staking sct or krwp enough as much you want to get rewards, and others...

I hope these answers may be helpful to understand at least or more than and we will try to improve our service for non-Korean users this year.

Happy New Year.. Dean !!

Cool!! Thanks for your detailed reply.

All I need to know is that the team is aware of the situation and have plans to tackle them accordingly. I don't mind waiting since there is really no need to rush. So, your reply kind of confirming my confusion. Cool!

Look forward to SCT 2020!

I am also a non-Korean owner of around 400 SCT (I am a Brazilian) and I use them just to curate. Since 1/1/2020 I have not received any curation. Could you explain me what is happening? Thank you for your attention.

We changed reward multiplier from 1.3 to 1.0 and it applied on 1st of January 2020. it will effect to reduce the gab of rewards of each posting. We expect the rewards shall be stable seven days after from applied date and we found the rewards have increasing everyday to set new curve value. It will be stable within a few days we hope. Thanks

@tipu curate

村長知道為何一周前SCT的收入都變很低了嗎? 好奇怪~~~~


Thanks @ericet. Usually it takes seven days by system to be stable after changing reward multiplier as i heard from engineer.

Thanks for the information

FYI..Reward is not stable yet... we are checking it with technical team and it may take few days more.

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