SCV - License 3 Sale Closed Temporarily & Buyback Update

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Temporarily Closed The 3rd License Sale

It was a tough decision but the hive builder team has decided to temporarily close the 3rd license sale with immediate effect.

200,000 SCV was issued and there is currently 198,163.5401 unsold from this. Anyone that has bought the 3rd license tokens from our account we will either issue a refund for the difference or a full refund if you send the tokens back to us. There was 3x people that had bought @votebetting @mathfortress @socialmediaseo so please let us know in the comments or discord

The remaining 198,163.5401 tokens issued have now been burned to balance the circulating supply. The new supply is 984,968.5894.

Buyback Update

With the close of the 3rd license sale the buyback for SCV will continue at 0.02 hive. The new circulating supply is 984,968.5894 with a buyback already in place of approx. 40,000 SCV tokens at 0.02 hive. This means the total buyback is already at 4% of the entire SCV circulating supply and growing each day!

Don't forget that SPS rewards aren't even active yet! We estimate to be anywhere from 5% to 8% complete on the buyback wall before SPS rewards become active.


Circulating Supply: 984,968.5894
Buyback Wall: 40,000 (approx)
% of Supply: 4% (approx)


Hello, @votebetting @mathfortress @socialmediaseo please let me know if you would like either a full refund or the difference between 0.02 and 0.03

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So. Can you explain why this decision was made? You kinda just stated that it happend xD

It was a team decision for a number of reasons, as far as I am aware we will be resuming the 3rd license sale sometime in the near future

Okay, but that still doesn't explain why x)

Like, for what reasons?

I can't divulge the reasoning I'm afraid, all I can say right now is... there are some big plans coming!

Simply the tokens weren't getting sold so doesn't seem any demand for them only a handful got sold over the past few weeks. The previous stages got sold out within that time or even less. Others were also undercutting the sale price of the new tokens and at current rate of sales would take a long long time to sell.

Okay cool, thats all I wanted :p

Scv also shot up in price insanely

VOUCHER drops also figured into this investment?

The voucher drops are ongoing and were just an addition to the sps drops coming very soon
Closer is for additional token for sale which were being sold to fund an additional license.
Nothing else has changed