How to Create Still Water with a Long Exposure

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Hello Sea Photography fans,


Today I would like to show you my workflow on how i made this photo, take a look at the waves, yes they aren't any, but instead you see a smoky misty look. This is called long exposure photography and I have just dipped my toe into this creative side of my hobby.

My Gear For the Shoot

  • Camera Canon 5d mk III
  • Lens Canon 24-105 Zoom
  • Tripod

This is the bare minimum that you need, I have learned that a ND filter is also needed (I have one on order) The location is a popular one at Port Willunga with more than one photographer on site taking pictures, being a very warm evening it was no surprise.

Framing The shot

This was harder than it looks as I needed to get all the element in like the rocks and the posts from the old Jetty and a portion of the night sky and some of the beach, this was my favourite of the night.

Waiting For The Light

The thing about long exposures you need to limit the amount of light entering the camera, so i was just sitting on the beach watching the sun go down and waiting for it to get dark enough so that I can set my shutter speed at 20 -30 seconds and get a correct exposure.

This is a behind the scenes picture of my main camera setup. This shot was taken as the sun was going down and i was taking test shots on the main camera regularly to see if I liked the results.


The End Result

I found the whole learning experience really interesting and I encourage you to go out and try some long exposure photography, the shot ended up at about 25 seconds and all in all I am very happy with it. Hope you enjoyed my little story.



Great photo of a lovely spot.

Thanks mate, I’ll be back there a few times more.

It's a popular spot for a reason. The days are just getting crisp again, beautiful and mild evenings at the moment. We live in a lovely place.

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Incredible photo, thanks a lot for the tips. I usually just point and shoot! 😎

It takes time to get the shutter speed to 25 seconds and get the exposure looking good. You should try it yourself it a good learning experience.