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Life can be so beautiful when you can feel that freedom sailing into the sunset or riding into the sunset as this guy and his horse gently strolling through the waters as they both feel the freedom and calmness of the ocean riding into the sunset. Sometimes it's just that perfect timing that you find yourself enjoying and seeing the best of nature giving all it's beauty. Seeing this tranquil scenery in front of me moving in slow motion makes you stop and think how lucky we are to be here.




You put me in front of a beach and a sunset and it is all, I need my body, mind and soul become relaxed all that stress and tension flows into the sunset. For me sitting on the beach front watching a sunset is like going through a spiritual meditation, cleanness of the body, mind and soul and all energized ready for the coming day.





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria


The sky is beautiful today .. The light blue color is so comfortable on my eyes.☺️☺️

Thank you @paopaoza blue is a really relaxing cool color 😊

Wow.. Nice​ photo 📸 again 👍👍

Sợ peaceful! I love the little horse 😍

Thank you @babeltrips it was a lovely horse to see 😊

Thank you for hunting such shots 🥂😁

My pleasure happy you liked them @babeltrips 😊

You must be a pro. Your photos are breath taking. They look like paintings to me.
Nice work, thanks for the share.

Thank you @farm-mom for your kind words am not a pro but love to be one day, I just enjoy my work and try to get better at it 😊

These are wonderful pictures! The sky looks so beautiful I love your photos 💗

Thank you @sreypov happy you like my photos 😊

Thanks for the motivation, I would love to do a post with multiple images as I generally do. Thanks again, you have done a splendid job here!

Thank you and your welcome @sunnyag hope we start seeing more of your post popping up. NSW has a lot to be seen and talked about lots to post about that people here would like to know about you seem to like a walk around and this is the best way to capture the beauty of everything around you.

really nice beach!

Thank you @lxsxl 👍

Gorgeous photos and very well written. Totally agree, it's a very special time of day.

Thanks @world-travel-pro sunsets are the best hope to see some of yours soon 😊

Wow it's awsome bro. I like the horse the most.

Some really beautiful hues in these photos.

Thank you @justinparke another great sunset I witness.

Hi Max @kohsamui99, here in Kuala Lumpur we are back in our half-cooked lockdown in Malaysia. In the midst of all this pandemic hell that is getting on my nerve already... I will say that you are among those luckiest on earth to be able to enjoy all these life privileges. I can only dream about it and pray that life will become better at the end of all these challenges which sighhh don't know when that will be... of this things that we are currently going through. I am getting lazier by the day to make blogs... I hope I can knock myself to start doing blogs again. Maybe my hope is running thin... Have a nice day my friend and stay blessed, cheers, ainie aka Agent99

I feel for you Ainie this is really sad to hear that you had to go in lockdown again many people are really over all this it's creating hell for many. I really hope you can stay strong don't give up don't let this virus scenario get to you keep your mind occupied if you can't get out write about how you feel about yourself and this virus do some of your lovely cooking and post it. Life must go on no matter what don't let your mind weaken your the best Agent99 I have and you got to stay alert for me at all times so stop depressing yourself and get on with it. My best wishes to you and my heart is with you be strong. 😊