On Route From The Netherlands To Sweden

Three days ago I left Makkum in The Netherlands to travel through the North Sea To Helgoland and onto Brusbüttel at the entrance of the Kiel Kanal (connecting the North Sea to the Baltic Sea).

So far we have covered 220 nautic miles on our journey in mostly rough North Sea conditions. But today we arrived in the Kiel Kanal and it felt more like late spring.

Cruising along the traffic lanes to Hamburg for tankers and container ships:


Maranea in Heligoland Port


the rock called "Lange Anna":


Playful colors of Heligoland houses.



Guys, sorry for the brief post and the few words. Sailing requires a lot of time and dedication. I hope to find more time for blogging soon.


My big dream is to navigate and get to know how you do it, I congratulate you and have a lot of success

I like the photography of the rock called "Lange Anna" since it has a beautiful view from there and also the birds that pose there are beautiful.

The colour of the buildings sure is something to remember!
Great photos and safe travels @mariusfebruary.

Love the colourful houses and the whole landscape. It helps the port get rid of the boring feeling :)

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Enjoy your trip. It looks like a colorful destination.

I really like the first photo of the shipping containers. It has a sort of haunting vibe to it.

Have a safe trip, I thought it was summer that side, looks pretty cold lol!

This rock called Lange Anna must be an ancient one

Love the images, it looks a colorful place. I wish I could sail, I have done a lot of work on tankers but always in dry dock. I get seasick on a pedalo on the Med! Looks a great trip.

The post is not so brief, I do loved the pictures.

I haven't been on water before not even been on a boat either. I guess you will be thinking of maybe I have been in water before, I definitely haven't. I have not swim before, not even once. I don't know the feeling but I know one day I will 🤗.

Yeah, thanks for the upvote on my last post.

I do really appreciate.

Hope you have/had a nice day.

Thanks again. 😊

Safe Travels :: i'm new on Hive, but I wanted to thank you, because you upvoted one of my posts. 🤙🏼

Would be nice to see more of your blogs about your sailing. Waiting for it.
Take care there on the world wide ocean.