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We have moved UI side of things under domain, while will stay active as well due to API endpoint still served from that, it would be great to move API endpoints to single domain as well. That's our next target.

Hivesearcher needs your help and support, please check proposal post for more details.

Proposal work was estimated to be for 6 months, now only 4 months remaining, we are still not funded to work on improving this protocol. We need your help, your favorite sites,, and uses Hivesearcher to find relevant content for you, by support us you ultimately support above sites as well.

Hivesearcher brand changes and few improvements are included in this update.

Next, we will move API endpoints into Hivesearcher and your support will help us deliver those changes faster.

Couple tips

Support proposal


Epic! The best search on Hive, now on a dedicated domain - thank you!

Excellent news and happy to be first to reblog! @good-karma

My pleasure, GK! Keep up the great work!💯

We've needed that! Good work!

This is a great news. Thank you for all your efforts @good-karma and Congratulation to all members of the community.

Thanks, would be great to see you guys integrate Hivesearcher into your app.

Yes, Definitely 😎

hope you dont mind us promoting this post. we feel your proposal is very important.

A great Achievement sir @good-karma

Awesome I’ll give it a test run in a little bit we can all do with better search that’s for sure

Thats an amazing addition

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Excellent news bos

First BRUTALY fast and efficient search indexed tool =) Man... I can't keep with the 100% upvotes today... too many great stuff.

This one is going on twitter too...

Appreciate the share 😉

Not bad. Not bad.

I searched for some obscure phrases and lines on the blockchain and the got the exact comment I was looking for.

We want to improve ranking algorithm further so even more relevant results in just a blink of an eye.

At least a "search engine" for Hive! I waited for this one. It's super fast. Great job!

Thanks, we use it in and mobile apps for almost a year now. We have few things in list of improvements, try it out and let me know if you have some suggestions.

It is very close to being funded in the DAO, let's go.

this service is very necessary for HIVE, thank you for your work

That’s good news.

Great news. Thank you.

These are very important news. Search was the biggest problem hive had. It was very difficult to find what you were searching or you could only find only outdated post. Thanks for providing us the hive searchers!!

Good to know

Ufff, I tried to search something and it's realy fsst as a hell. Great work!

I searched one word on hivesearcher website and results were accurate and to the point. Keep up the good work.

This an awesome development. you just helped to make things on hive so much better. thanks for the good work @good-karma

Great news! Thank you so much!

Outstanding development and what a great curation tool!!

Awesome indeed. Tried out myself

Very cool project, tested it right away, but was unable to find my post:

Bug report

I tried to find one of my posts from May 2020 by searching for "Launch America" (in quotation marks) but was unable to find this post, which has "Launch America" in the title:

Feature suggestion

Add an option to limit the search to specific users. This could be useful to finding your own posts or if you want to find a post from a particular user.

You just need to filter some results and use sorting tags.
Try opening this link for example. These options we will add into website soon, proposal funding would help us improve these, so we are hoping it will get approved soon.

Thx, now I was able to find it, already supported the proposal :)

Appreciate the support! 🙌

Is it possible to also filter between comments and articles? This could also be useful. Update: oh found that there is already a type filter :) should read the manual first ;)