I've completed 30 days of no alcohol

No booze November passed thumb.png

gm frens!

Today will the 30 entire days that I have not consumed a single ounce of alcohol. Not a sip of beer, not a Baileys-filled chocolate... nothing.

Now before I continue, I'd like to say thank you to everybody that wrote to me with words of encouragement. I deeply appreciate the kindness and the time you took to write words of support for another human being. That says a lot about who you are and your nature to spread well-being into the world.

I'd like to make clear though, that this 30-day challenge was born out of the desire to take care of my body and mind for a month and see the effects it may have. I've never really been a weekday drinker and I don't tend to get so hammered I piss my pants or do something embarrassing. I do sit down for Friday evening beers, but I don't loose control or go on drinking binges, ever.

I just wanted to do something good for my life and see what happened.

Here are some of the results of my experiment

Better sleep

After a night of drinking, one usually goes to sleep a little later, so you get less sleep. Not only that, your body is working overtime processing that alcohol. So guess what? You're not getting very good quality sleep either. On top of that, more often than not, I'd have the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, often times more than once.

How does alcohol affect my sleep.png
image source: sleepfoundation.org

Increased productivity

Poor sleep also lead to me getting up later. Less hours to get things done. Not only that, if I woke up with a hangover, I'd most likely be slower than usual. So even if I was awake, I needed a good hour before I could actually start doing things, and once I did, my mental speed and clarity were not at it's peak either.

During my no booze November, I would often get up and do some handy work around the house (fix a door hinge or clean the mealy bugs from my plants) or do some strategic planning for my company, something that often gets put off because it's not urgent.


How much does a beer cost in your city? Let's say $5. 3 or 4 Friday beers comes out to about $20. A Saturday bottle of wine comes out to about another $20-$30. So that's $50 dollars a week!

Pissing money down the drain has never been so literal!

could definitely be inspired to continue this savings streak and use some of that money to invest in dividend-generating, or appreciating assets.

A stronger relationship with my partner

@pamarias and I did this 30 day challenge together. We supported each other throughout the journey and also shared our experiences. We had another topic of conversation, so whenever we're together, sitting on the couch, we had something to talk about, whether it was a dream I had about having a drink or how her body has felt during this process. We also got to do a lot of activities on Saturday and Sunday mornings, from jogging to painting or gardening. So having much more couples activities also brought us closer together.

A flatter belly

An average IPA has about 200 calories. So again, with the example above, 4 beers on Friday means 800 calories. What if I had a burger to go with that? say another 300 cals. That's 1,200 calories in one sitting. I probably cut 4 of these out of my diet this month. Add to this some Friday evening and Saturday morning workouts and you can see how that adds up. I'm not going to say I'm model material because of this, but I've definitely dropped some belly fat and that also helps my self esteem

completely sober forever?

The above is just a short summary of some of the benefits I've experienced from quitting alcohol for 30 days. While I'm probably not going to continue completely dry, I've definitely decided to only leave it for special occasions and in much smaller amounts. I don't miss it, and the benefits I've experienced from deciding to remove alcohol from the menu outweigh the cost in a very disproportionate way.

research sources:

Alcohol and sleep by The Sleep Foundation


Te felicito hermano , yo después de 27 vueltas de la tierra al sol deje la nicotina y todo depende de tus factores de protección, no frecuentes sitios donde se consuma alcohol, no visites amigos que consuman por los momentos, todo va estar bien y te irás superando , paso a paso.

Gracias por tus palabras hermano!

cuente conmigo Brother.. siempre..

Good work bro.

Maybe you might like to consider doing the ten week Presence Process Procedure (which requires zero alcohol - unless you're an alcoholic).

Here's a little (true) story about it:


i have pdf of the book if you decide to do it and dont want to buy. Just ask me

Some free Hive-engine tokens for you:

Does it address to smokers also? I need to find something to keep up to and have discipline and auto-motivation.

Well, the procedure may well help reduce the need to smoke, but it's not a requirement to give up tobacco while doing it (as it is with alcohol and weed).

i highly recommend it btw

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Congratulations, man! It's very hard for a regular drinker to quit for 1 month. I hope you can keep it up for much longer. Maybe you can buy a Hive with the money you save or save it and buy something for your house. That sounds great.

Hey Incublus!

Yeah, it wasn't that hard to be honest. I'm quite satisfied with the result though, and I think it will become part of my life now. I definitely saved some money hahaha 😄

Drinking only on special days or events would definitely be a good decision, man. Good luck!

Congratulations. I know it takes a lot of strength and determination to keep up the good work. I also want to give up smoking....

I hope you do. You'll save money and improve your health. Maybe set yourself a date in the future. Jan 1st?

Meanwhile, since I last replied here, I have managed to smoke 2x less. Maybe it will work if I drop the no. of cigarettes daily. Thank you for caring!

That is awesome. Having the control to do this is admirable. I've heard of people having difficulty with alcohol addiction, and I hope this can encourage those that want to lessen their intake. I think it might be easier for you because you weren't addicted, but hopefully the great points you listed about the pros of abstaining/lessening alcohol intake can inspire others.

Great choice to abstain.
Last week during Thanksgiving, I had my first drink of alcohol in 5-6 months. It 100% was not worth it and reminded me why I despise drinking so much. I’m the only person in my family that feels this way though ☹️

Wow! huge congrats!

I wonder if you're the only person that saves and invests in dividend-paying and appreciating assets too? Good habits are not for everyone, but it looks like you're doing awesome at life 👊

100% without a doubt I am. I love my family, but I can't convince any of them to do anything the way that I do.

If you ever find yourself needing further motivation to live the sober life, then I'd love to point you to my before/after alcohol blog.

Well done. I'm less inclined to drink a lot these days, but I was never a heavy drinker. Mind you, it's getting to the time of year when a lot of drinking happens. I'll try not to overdo it.


Thanks Steevc! I may have a drink or two over the holidays. People do tend to be much more jolly during this season, but I've felt so much better and I've been so much more productive by cutting down, that I think it'll become my new lifestyle.

This is really a great testimony. I believe you can carry on like that and it's just a matter of time before you hit 1 year without drinking alcohol


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That’s a good one
For example, I can stay 60days without Alcohol and I’d be fine
I mean fine

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Really great! Im just about to hit 2 years sober. Best move i have made for the human sac of cells that i carry around. Im so in, at this point i cant imagine why i would start again.
The benefits are so many and the FOMO is non existent.

I wasn’t really the guy who ever pissed himself, but owning a bar and being naturally wild without booze… well you can only imagine i had some rockstar nights in this life time.
But this Butt so satisfied sober!

I love hearing of others journeys with sobriety. Even if yours was purely as a personal experiment! I still love hearing it!