Become Your "Superman" Equivalent - Be Your "Super-YOU"!!!

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All of the words that are found here in bold are intended as a "primer" - meant to get you into the proper state of mind to most benefit from reading the positive suggestions, below (non-bold text).

You may benefit from reading this primer the first two or three times that you read/recite the affirmations. I suggest that you at least read through this section one time, before moving on to reading the affirmations, but it's not absolutely necessary. You can, and probably would, benefit by simply skipping past this part, to the "meat" of this dish.

That out of the way. Choose the affirmations below (non-bold section) that most resonate with you. It may turn out to be none of them (in which case, hey, no hurt feelings), just a few of them, or all of them.

Regardless of which turns out to be the case, read your picks aloud to yourself, in the most confident and calm tone of voice that you can manage, putting more emphasis on the words that are in italics. Make sure to also speak as clearly as you can, and more slowly than you would in a normal conversation, but not so slowly that it bores you to the point of nodding off.

Also, put more emphasis on commas and semi-colons than you normally would when reading, actually pausing for at least half of a second each time that you come across them.

Approach this as if you're trying your best to convince a kindergartner that he, or she, is a wonderful person, showering him, or her, with positive, life-affirming, compliments. Not in a way that feels like you're lying to them, but rather like you're being wholeheartedly honest with them - authentically complimenting them, with only the best of intentions.

Only, you're directing that confident, healing and affirming tone at yourself, rather than an impressionable child.

Repeat whatever affirmations you choose at least three times, aiming each time to more strongly believe what you're reading (saying about yourself). Try to achieve the feeling of already being the person that you're describing within the affirmations, answering the question: "what does it feel like to have these qualities that I'm describing?".

Feel the truth in the words.

BE the truth in the words!

Bring the qualities that you most desire for yourself to the present by first being present, and ONLY THEN working to cultivate those positive characteristics.

Don't merely think about it, or imagine it, DO IT and BE IT!

Be here, NOW, with yourself...


Comfortably UNWIND...

Safely LET GO, into peace...

Let go, into the calmness and security of releasing your grip from the many activities of your mind...

Releasing from stories that you tell yourself, about yourself...

Releasing from any habit to be hyper-focused on feeling and judging your emotions...

Releasing from any habit to be overly focused on what's going through your mind, in the form of thoughts...

"Loosening your belt", letting go of everything that doesn't truly matter to you in this very moment, deflating away any distracting energies or tensions within yourself, like an untied balloon, set free...

Comfortably settling your attention into the present...

Your past and future momentarily holding no weight over you...

More aware of the automatic processes occurring within your body, like your heart-beat and your breathing...

Take a few moments to notice the SPACE within your body...

Feel out the SPACIOUSNESS, within the broad field of your awareness...

NOTICE the pleasantly calm sensation of taking this time to DISTANCE yourself from all of your worries...

REALIZE that your breath is a powerful tool to bring your attention back to your most self-empowered state - this state of feeling "space" around the activities, and sensations, within your mind and body.

This state of putting "distance" between your sense of self and the many habits of your mind, which gives you the power to change those habits and make new, more positive habits.

Anytime that you notice your attention fixating on thoughts or emotions, or the like, you can bring it back to this peaceful space by simply focusing back on your breathing.

It can be even more powerful if you take deep, controlled breaths, while either following the sensation of air moving through you as you do so, or focusing your attention on a single breath-related activity, such as the slow rise and fall of your abdomen.

Either type of practice promotes the the awareness of that important sense of space, which is a requirement to inducing your most powerfully, and positively, transformative state of being.

So, do yourself a great service, right now, by bringing your attention to that space, by any means that you can achieve this.

If you're already there, great! If not, USE YOUR BREATH to get there!

Take as much time as necessary to slow yourself down enough to be able to notice that a "space" exist inside of your consciousness that isn't bound by your belief-system, and isn't influenced by your thoughts and emotions.

Notice how there is "room" within that space. That's the room within which you can grow, and promote a new, much healthier mindset.

THAT is where you need to be, as you go on to read the affirmations.

Honor YOURSELF, and this wonderful opportunity to grow, in the HIGHEST, most beneficial, way possible.

Do this by taking the next couple minutes to ALIGN the "programs" that run in your mind (your beliefs and any accompanying feelings) with the most satisfying, and utterly fulfilling, quality of life that you can possibly experience, in ANY present or future moment!


Make it happen, right NOW!!!

Start this process, by reading the words below, aloud, to yourself, in the manner that was suggested at the beginning of this primer.

Allow yourself the space, and the possibility; to BELIEVE what you're reading, to believe what you're telling yourself - to actually FEEL THE TRUTH and BE THE TRUTH!

Read the following affirmations aloud:

I am completely freeing myself , to be all of the strength, courage, and peace, that exists anywhere inside of me.

I feel deep peace and relaxation, that underlies all of my thoughts and emotions, and I am becoming that deep peace and relaxation, right now.

I understand that I must be peace, in order to bring peace to the people whom I love; therefore, I free myself into the deepest peace, to experience all the peace that exists within me.

I see the world now from an inner space of peace and calm, allowing myself access to all of my inner strength - awakening all of my courage.

I am conquering all stress and fear, within me, right now.

I am replacing every form of mental and emotional disturbance within me, with deeply penetrating, deeply healing, all permeating, peace and relaxation.

As the space of peace and relaxation grows within me, all stress and fear is transformed into deep peace, and deep love.

I am awakening the highest form of love, within myself, for myself, for the people that I care about, and for the world, at large.

I am meeting all of my suffering with true compassion; I am meeting all of my suffering with deeply healing compassion.

I am deeply healing myself, by genuinely loving myself; I am deeply healing myself, by lovingly listening to myself, from the greatest depths of my own heart.

I am learning to be my best self, by freeing myself from all mental obstacles to feeling deeply loved, and completely lovable.

I am learning to be my best self, by freeing myself of every obstacle to feeling deeply self-empowered.

I am developing the power to meet every moment with deep compassion, unshakable courage, and supreme self-confidence.

I am filling myself with the most fulfilling feelings available to humanity.

I am filling myself with the blissful feelings of warm, genuine, healing love and compassion.

I am filling myself with the deeply satisfying feelings of deep gratitude and appreciation for life.

I now see, and feel, the expression of divine love and beauty, all around me, everywhere that I look, both inside of myself and outside of myself.

I sense the true sacredness of life, inside of myself, and out in the world.

I'm growing to deeply love and respect the essence of life, that permeates every living plant and creature in the Universe; the very consciousness, itself.

I love consciousness and I give it the respect that I owe it.

I honor consciousness, and all the reasons that I have to be grateful because of it, by becoming more conscious.

I am becoming more present to myself, being present more often, by the day.

I am becoming more aware of how my mind influences my perceptions and alters my view of reality.

It's becoming clearer to me, that I already have everything that I need, to feel complete wholeness and fulfillment, within myself.

I'm learning that all the love and acceptance, that I sought so desperately for, in my past, is already with me, inside of me.

I can see now that the highest, most divine, form of love and acceptance is my own consciousness; is the foundation that underlies the world of my own mind.

And, in realizing this liberating truth more, and more, clearly, as more time passes, and the truth settles in deeper, I'm growing to accept the nature of who I am, and everything that comes along with it, in the deepest, most compassionate way.

I'm truly forgiving myself of everything that I ever judged myself for doing in the past, regardless of how "wrong" it appears to me; regardless of how "bad" that it feels to me.

I see all of my mistakes and self-judgments in a new, more health-promoting, light, now.

I see that holding onto judgements, and negative feelings around them, keeps me from realizing my best qualities, and from being my best self, so it's now easy for me to let go of judging myself, and it's getting easier for me to let go of negative emotions.

I used to judge myself, because I was unaware of the self-harm that it was causing, but now I see myself through the eyes of unconditional love and compassion, therefore, I see the true value in removing myself from them, and I feel truly forgiven of my mistakes and wrong-doings.

I make my past bad decisions right, by going forward as a person who has learned from those mistakes, and by choosing to be a better person.

I'm both identifying with my best qualities, and creating the conditions for others to discover, and cultivate, their own best qualities.

Every day, in every way, I am becoming a better person.

Be kind to yourself :)

Best wishes to the new, "super-you"!


Welcome back to posting.

Ok.. I love this post so much, thank you for this, really I didn't knew how much i needed to read something like this. Healing it's hard, and i know it takes time, so I will read this many times probably hahah. Thank you again, this is beautiful!

You're welcome, and thank you for the kind reply. I'm glad you found some value in it.

You're right, healing is difficult and takes time, but it can happen so long as we can stick to the healing practice(s) and have enough patience with the process to allow for the positive transformation to happen.

Best wishes :)