Why do you need an Advanced Rank Tracker for your SEO?

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As Google updates its search algorithm regularly, the SEOs are continuously improving their strategies because traditional SEO techniques will no longer work in the upcoming days.

This means the traditional rank tracker doesn't satisfy the SEO's needs. This is exactly when the advanced rank tracker with all the SERP features tracking comes into the game.

An advanced rank tracker is designed to help SEOs overcome the shortcoming they have met using other regular rank trackers. And, it will be built with the features that everyone missed in other typical rank trackers.

Have you come across any such advanced rank trackers?

If no, it means you haven't tried the recently launched highly advanced modern rank tracker, Serpple. This immaculate rank tracker is built by keeping in mind the pain points of SEOs struggling with regular rank trackers.

For example,

Serpple not just tracks ranking but makes them readable through colorful visual representations, the dynamic graphs. And the Serpple score out of 100 lets you measure your overall organic performance. Like this, Serpple provides many other unique features that other rank trackers have missed to provide their users.

Few of them are,

  1. The Current Google SERP view and the best google SERP view
  2. Featured snippets tracking
  3. Google search ads tracking
  4. Rating snippets tracking
  5. Trending keywords and deviating keywords,
  6. Customizable email reports
  7. Customizable grids
  8. know your SERP competitors
    and many more.

Moreover, the Serpple team will tirelessly work on and update users with many exclusive features periodically. So, what are you waiting for? Go for this advanced rank tracker, Serpple which is user-friendly for both SEO beginners and SEO pros like you.


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