Serfdom & Sorcery: Hive Based Discord Game-Fishing Update!

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Authored by @bobthebuilder2


I Got One This <---------> Big

We know you've been lying...We've heard all of you sharing your stories about how big of a fish you've caught. We have decided to increase what our buyers are willing to pay for your fish. In other words, fishing has gotten more rewarding! We have programmed some big fellas in there for you.


As you can see, there are little bitty fish, medium sized fish, some big, huge, and even a whale. In this game we're not worried about the "Save the Whales" crowd. We have buyers who will give you 1000 DBLNs for a whale.

Not only can you catch a whale, but your skills at fishing can improve! Keep fishing to increase your experience and you can increase your chances at finding that whale of a tale.

So did you catch one? Prove it! Catch a huge fish or a whale and make a post. We will take that reward just one step further.

Good Luck!

Liquidity Pool DBLN:LVL

Thanks to @enginewitty, Serfdom & Sorcery has been linked to LVL via the new Liquidity Pool DBLN:LVL. That means you can purchase DBLN with LVL, or you can swap LVL for DBLN. In either case, you will be ready to play any of the games provided by the Psyber-X team. I personally swapped some LVL to !buy_farm as the payout is fantastic (my opinion) for owning a farm in Serfdom & Sorcery. Perhaps you will earn some DBLN in the game and trade it for LVL in preparation for placing a wager in Psyber-Decks when the Psyber-X team is ready. You could also use the LVL:Swap.ETH Liquidity Pool to get some ETH or to start moving ETH to DBLN. Imagine that...DBLN for Ethereum. Makes me want to go !mine and !fish some more.

- Gone Fishing -


Go Pick Up Some DBLN Now

In case you missed it, there is a way to !buy_farm in Serfdom & Sorcery. Get one of those and you'll get a daily payout of DBLN which you can use to buy more potions, a pickaxe, or a myriad of other things. There may be upkeep to keep those farms pumping out DBLN at such a high rate...but for now in the game's infancy, take advantage, I say...but you do you.

Want to become the King?

The King is the top player. If you get there, you'll earn taxes from all the peasants below you. Not the King? You'll pay taxes to the King...muwahaha...get to work!


Serfdom and Sorcery was created by the makers of Psyber-X. It is a very new game, yet it is already the fasted expanding and best Hive game on Discord! It is just a game, even though it is an awesome game. If you choose to play, remember that it is in an alpha stage where crashes may occur on occasion. Please inform us of any bugs you may encounter via our room for this purpose. It is not an investment. It is fun. Lecture over ;)

loved it bob! Perfect post!

That's some tasty fish !KING

Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 1 SBT - 0.1 THG - 0.000001 SQM - 0.1 BUDS - 0.01 WOO tokens

remaining commands 13


The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

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