777 challenge (day77) - We will remember the bad times

in #seven774 years ago

Day77 of #777

Steem is soon going to have a party, if Bitcoin prices are any indication. But we will remember the bad time and those who remained loyal during it.

(Thumbnail image by Lopez Robin on Unsplash)

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hey hashcash! not sure if you'll see this lol, but trying to bring the fantasy football league back to life for another year.. just checking if you're interested!

$20 buyin this year since we prob won't get much of a prize pool via steemit posts lol.

more details here: https://steemit.com/football/@full-measure/fantasy-football

Keep the great work bro

Yes - we will remember who was active and building and participating during this long long long awful months <3 You're doing great, keep up the seven77!

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