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The astronauts felt disappointed but kept quiet. They’d been hoping to spend more time with us and travel to other worlds before returning home.

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“After the Eqkee we will go to visit the Muyzith, then we will go to visit the alternate Terra to find the local Robert for our special Cherine.” That made everybody happy.

Later at home, “We have a problem.” He did seem concerned, but we waited silently, only slightly worried. “We have established a tradition of going on honeymoon to a new reality for each of you. I would like to begin our honeymoon with Aven, but we are not going to a new reality. What do you suggest?”

Aven was happy enough to just have her honeymoon, but the rest of us protested, demanding they wait. We felt she’ll be cheated of what she deserves.

Robbie grinned at Aven. “As husband I dare not go against the wishes of my wives. I’ll leave it to you - are you willing to wait?”

Sweet Aven had no choice, we were all clamouring in her mind. “I’ll wait.”

He moved so quickly that she did not have time to prepare herself. He snatched her up in his arms and kissed her. “We may have to wait for our honeymoon, but I’m going to have one night with you alone. I can’t wait for months.”

They jumped to her treehouse apartment. He looked around as if it were his first time there. “It no longer suits you love.”

“But I like it! When I come here I feel at peace.”

He grinned. “Are you expecting to feel at peace tonight?” She giggled and kissed him passionately. “Hmm, I guess not. Aven, are you using mascara? Those thick black lashes that show off your green eyes can’t be real.” There was an impish look to his face and Aven did not quite know what to make of him. Suddenly he took her hand and drew her out to her balcony. He waved his hand, showing all of Freddie. “For tonight, all this is yours. Command Freddie, what would you like him to do for you?”

“Uh, nothing.”

“Come on! Don’t waste an opportunity like this.” he teased.

Suddenly her eyes came alive and filled with awe at her idea. “Could you build a smaller nest for our Wirm friends out of energy?”

Robbie had been expecting her to ask for something fanciful, like a rainbow. She’d caught him by surprise. “Why smaller?”

“They can have their permanent nest in the Sparkler World, but for while they are visiting us here, they should have a small one just in case they need it.” We all asked our Wirm friends if they liked the idea and after thinking on it for a moment, their joy answered for them.

“Out of energy? Any particular shape?”

“Whatever they want. Robert, could it be a silvery colour so that it looks like a moon at night?”

He grinned. “Anything else?”


He communicated with his Wirm friend and she said she did not mind the colour, as long as it is not too bright. Aven heard the wishful thought in Goldi’s mind and she became excited, carried away now by his unexpected largesse. “Please, could a Wirm link to Freddie? Then she could show him directly how it should be inside. Just think, he will never be lonely again, even when we are not here.”

Robbie thought quickly and used a weak excuse. “That was not your idea, only yours count and, anyway, you had already said you did not want anything more. Sorry.” Aven became aware that she had spoilt it for Robbie by his having to refuse her. She kept her mind bright and chirpy and gave him a naughty smile. “Okay, I’ll leave that one for someone else to ask.” He relaxed as he felt himself enchanted by her all over again and then laughed as he realised he was being manipulated. Picking her up he kissed her.


“Watch the shell on the opposite side. Your moon will have to be to the side my love. Keep your eyes on the ledge I like to sit on.”

By now, we were all outside in the garden staring at the ledge, except for Syrina who grabbed the excuse to float halfway up. As the ledge extended by about two hundred and seventy meters, the new part glowed for a while until a darker layer of energy was added. A rod extended down from it and another rod grew out from the inner shell lower down. They did not meet but when they had grown to the right position the nest began to grow from the two rods, forming roughly a sphere of tunnels meeting at a shaft.

By now everyone in Freddie was outside watching, most of them puzzled, until our friends or their Wirms passed on what is happening. Since everyone has a Wirm friend, they were all delighted.

Robbie turned Aven’s face so that he could look into her green eyes. “Search throughout my mind and still you will never know just how happy your birth made me. Since then, you have given me nothing but joy and love. I wish I could do something that truly reflects how I feel about you, but this will have to suffice for now as a daily reminder of how much I treasure you.” Very softly his lips touched hers and all of us grinned at each other as we felt how he’d made her reel from the love she felt for him. We teased amongst ourselves, asking why does he need a honeymoon since with just one night alone with her he made her love grow so strongly. We knew of course - he needs it so that his love can grow also.

It would take the rest of the night for the nest to be completed and Robbie understood it would not be such a good idea to take Aven into the bedroom, but they were both dying to make love. Concentrating, he extruded from the balcony wall a ledge with a soft surface for them to lie on.

“Pappou, do you consider isi-mi-Metti a granddaughter?”

“You know I do Claudia.”

“Hmm, I’ve tried to be fair to you so I’ve averaged our years in Freddie as only being ten since many of us were born during these years. You’ve been very generous and given us $50,000 per month pocket money while we were on Earth, but years ago it was less, so again I’ve had to average it to $30,000 per month. Here is what you owe us in pocket money for the time we’ve been off Earth.” She placed a piece of paper on the table before him.

“You owe us $176,400,000. That is without adding interest for late payment.”

Alki kept a straight face while Marian, Robbie and the rest of us struggled to hide our grins. “And you Robert? Are you also planning to claim unpaid salaries for this period?”

“I’ll let Claudia represent me, whatever she decides is fine with me.” Some of us could not help it and tittered.

* (Arthur, if you discount the money to the year 2000 values it represents approximately $2,000 per month which means she is asking for $7,056,000 in your terms).

Alki pursed his lips as he considered the paper. “I think you have made a mistake Claudia. The number should not be forty nine. Only children get pocket money. Since most of you are adults, you will have to deduct whatever you included for them. We should then also deduct whatever I gave to each of you since you attained adulthood.” He pushed the paper back to her. “I look forward to seeing the new total.”

She pushed it back to him. “You cannot add a qualification of that kind after the fact. We all know it is customary in Greece for children who are over twenty one to continue receiving money until they are told to start working.”

Alki laughed. “Claudia, each of you has been working since you joined Roberto and Cherine or were born to them.”

“Only symbolically. Most of us are still studying.”


Athia touched Claudia and she turned to her. “I think it should go to arbitration. Choose who will represent us, it should be someone outside of the family and not a close friend.” Alki nodded, agreeing.

“Fine. I choose Samuel King.” Robbie silently groaned. “Who will represent you pappou?”


“You can’t, he is your son.”

I thought to myself (as did most of us) ‘Poor pappou is stuck. Who can he choose with some claim to being impartial?’

“I choose Hettie.”

It is time I admit that Claudia had thought this up as a joke. Alki however was treating it seriously. Suddenly he grinned, but kept his mouth shut, only letting us feel he was pleased with himself.

Samuel King thought it was all a big joke, but he agreed to represent us. Hettie moaned that she has too much on her plate already and needs a vacation. When the two of them met and argued the case, Freddie projected it on the screens for all to see. Most of our guests thought this was a serious dispute and argued the pros and cons amongst themselves also. We went home so that we could laugh.

The arbitrators called in both Claudia and Alki and when they asked their one question and the two of them answered, we knew Claudia had lost. They asked whether Alki had explicitly undertaken to pay while we were off planet.

After our arbitrators read out their decision, Samuel announced the fee for each of them comes to $100,000 and that we will have to pay his. Hettie announced that she felt Claudia should pay her fee as she had put forward an invalid claim.

As far as Claudia knew, the two of them were not parties to her joke and their claim was in earnest. She kept a straight face and promised to pay as soon as we returned home. Samuel insisted the fee is due immediately and that interest will be charged at 12% compounded monthly. That got Claudia really going. Coldly she told him he is a real shyster and that she will pay him within a day. She asked Vincent to take a cheque of hers to Earth to get the cash for her. He refused, saying he has to return to RT. Before she could argue, he disappeared with a grin.

“Robert, we must go home first so that I can get them their money.”

“You expect us to deviate for such a trivial reason! I’m sorry my love, no can do.”

Claudia was now really stuck in a hard place. Cherine took pity on her and whispered in her ear, suggesting she ask her pappou to lend her the money, since he has cash with him. At first, she stood without saying anything, fighting within herself. She asked if she could talk to pappou in privacy. We knew that Robbie did not want him to, but Alki felt it had gone far enough and picking her up jumped to the beach. Almost in tears, she told him she had thought it up as a joke, but Athia spoilt it by saying they must appoint arbitrators and now she needs his help.

“Actually, it was a clever joke and reminded me of the first time you did it. Claudia, don’t blame Athia. When she made the suggestion, you should have ended the joke. Was it your pride that made you continue? Did you really think you might win?”

“I didn’t have time to think, everybody was listening and waiting for me.”

“Then it was pride.” He sat on a rock and put her on his lap. “Claudia, you’ve been had. I arranged with our arbitrators to make their claim. I can’t believe I turned the joke around on you! My Claudia lost to me for once!” He grinned at her and then quickly pulled her to him as he saw the tears in her eyes. “Is it so humiliating to lose to me koukla mou?”

“No. It is humiliating that I was so stupid. I’m sorry Alki.”

Empathy was making us all suffer along with Claudia, but Robbie was not finished with her. As soon as we got home, he ripped into her.


“It was funny the first time you did it because you were a child Claudia. It might have still been funny if you had stopped it early on, but even then I would have been displeased. Alki owes us nothing. What he has given was out of the goodness of his heart because he loves all of you. Even as a joke it was insulting to him and humiliating for your family.”

When Robbie gets like this only one of two people can stop him. This time it was Cherine. She put her arms around Claudia. “I found it funny. Don’t worry love, Alki was not insulted, he also enjoyed himself. I wish I could think up a good prank now and then like you do, especially if it gets Robert on his high horse.”

Laura added, “Did you see your mothers’ face when she saw the numbers on the paper? That was really funny.”

Robbie suddenly laughed. “Poor Marian, in the end she thought Claudia was being serious.”

He did not reverse himself just because of Cherine. He’d also been feeling how bad she felt and was glad she’d interfered, plus he had also been amused. He did not choose Claudia that night, but the next night he did and after her orgasm, she burst into tears. He held her tenderly for the rest of the night and all is well with her again. She has given a lot of thought to what Alki said to her and is determined not to ever let her pride get the better of her again.

There is one part of Freddie that has screens on the ground facing upwards. Are there any non-Cherinian readers who know why? I have not spoken of the Fegorians for a long time. Hiahi is getting older and struggles to keep himself aloft. Although the second stage individuals are telepathic with a range that covers all of Freddie, those who are elderly find difficulty in reaching out beyond a couple of kilometres. During our various visits, we learnt that though they live up to a hundred years, most of the years they have are unpleasant for them physically. First stage lasts about twenty five years. Second stage only about three. After that, their bodies slowly lose their elasticity and their minds lose much of their telepathic abilities.

They have all shown great interest in what they learnt from all the species in Freddie. They tell us that once they return home, their people will analyse what we did with the Akiards for longer than they have ever debated any other subject. We are certain they are wise enough to be capable of giving us some very good advice and perhaps even helpsolve some of our problems. The trouble is, they tend to take days or weeks to make a point and we are usually too busy (involved) in our adventures to be patient.

We are all distressed by their rapid decline. They tell us that it is good it happens, for then they are forced to spend more time thinking deeply about what they have learnt. The other problem is that they have not been breeding since arriving in Freddie so they are all the same age. When asked why, they told us it would not be correct to bring young into a world that does not belong to them.

Cherine wants to link them as full Cherinians. Robbie asked for a few days to think on it. I tried to work out what worries him about making them Cherinians. If they are mature, second stage or later, there is no danger, but what if they decide to revert to first stage? During their youth, they resemble us in many ways (our Normals) but would they resemble those of us who are linked? I wasted quite a lot of time trying to evaluate their first stage young before I had the intelligence to work out I was examining the problem from the wrong end. I ran through my mind what I know of those with us, the way they think, their attitudes and the problem melted away. There is no way any of them would want to revert to their ‘young’ way of thinking. An odd few might try it and all it needed is that we explain why their young or ‘re-young’ should not be Cherinians and they will be extremely meticulous about keeping to our conditions. I did not say anything to Robbie, it is better he arrive at his conclusions alone - I can always argue my viewpoint if he decides otherwise.

People still have an amazing capacity for surprising me. Samuel K shared with me something he had noticed and I could not believe it. Hilda, the mother of the two girls, has been keeping company with the Krebs (the parents) and they have grown very close. He thinks it is likely she will be drawn into their family circle. I cannot believe that things will work out that conveniently. If they do, it means they could form their own World as a related family circle to the kids.

Christós still keeps to himself when he is not with the kids. Not that they leave him much time for philosophising, now that they have their younger brothers and sisters. The older ones are taking their responsibilities very seriously and are doing all they can to ensure the young ones grow up with the same attitude they have. Some of the parents tell us that they sometimes wish their biological kids were like them.


I cannot express vividly enough how weird it feels to all of us feeling Candy act as their mother with Iziko. We tell her that of all the mothers she is loved the best, and whether it is true or not, the kids adore her. For the first week after her adventure, they made a point of taking turns accompanying her everywhere so that one or two of them were always close to her. She had to stay at home for a few days to break them out of it.

Robbie did a nice thing. For the sake of those who were not with us the first time, he brought us to Goldi’s Lavender planet. As Freddie put it on the screens, there was a strong feeling of awe being emoted among the guests and we overheard some of them whisper to each other, as if it were a religious experience for them, that this is where Arthur first appeared. They have convinced themselves that Goldi is the favoured of Arthur and all I’ll say is, no wonder, she is the most striking of all of us with her delicate beauty and sweet personality. Robbie gave everyone permission to jump there and provided platforms for those who were not comfortable jumping, first warning them what is allowed and what is not. He limited the visits to six hours each. Of course all the Wirms went and they wished themselves all over the planet.

We delayed going down as we still have a number of Terran leaders from different realities and Robbie or Hettie and Eddie had to escort them. Suddenly all the Wirms burst into Freddie with great joy. eiu was with me, but she also began to emote joy. We were stunned when they told us why. They have discovered a city hidden among the mountains.

Robbie instantly recalled all those who had jumped and platforms quickly brought the rest back. “I must first check the city before any of us visit.”

“I’m coming with, we should also take Claudia.”

“I’m coming with!” Robbie nodded his agreement and Goldi touched him, her heart singing with happiness. He smiled at her.

“I’m going as the void love. Meet me in the void. Don’t forget to avoid the green energy, you will be able to see it. Solomon, would you and a few Sparklers come with?”

The Wirms were puzzled at our seriousness, but when they understood, for the first time they all laughed in our minds. They told us that the city is empty. Robbie only shook his head, “We’ll stick to our plans.”

“Why not take us in our bodies Robert? You can still protect us as the void.”

He considered it a moment. “It makes sense, you’ll be able to see more clearly. I’ll be back.”

While we waited, Goldi softly mumbled in her mind, ‘So the planet was not made for me, it belongs to other people.’ She was let down and slightly dejected.

The Wirms came with and directed us to the city. As we crossed over a mountain, we saw a valley with a river flowing through it and a city alongside its banks. Beautiful spidery bridges crossed the river at a number of points. Robbie hung about a hundred metres above the buildings while we stared in amazement.

“It is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen!”

We landed softly in the centre and suffered another shock. What was obviously the largest building had writing over the façade,

We soon saw that all the avenues are named after us (the girls). As we wandered away from the center, we saw the houses are named after our friends. Finally we came to a mansion that is larger and more imposing than all the others. At the entrance is a plaque reading ‘Teller Residence’. We walked onto the grounds and as we approached the front door, it opened. Nervously we walked in.


“Dommi will flip when she sees it!”

“Arthur must have created this city for us.”

“He’s got damn good taste!” Claudia ran her fingers over a cushion. “Robert, do you think we should maybe leave Aganthi here to keep it clean for us?” He grinned at her and his face recovered some of its cheerfulness.

Cherine and the girls had been sharing and without asking, they all joined us. It was only an hour later that Robbie remembered and returning to Freddie gave permission for everyone to join us on planet. All of them jumped to the city of course.

I called the house a mansion. It is no mansion, it is more like a palace! There are over one hundred bedrooms, plus the main one that sort of mimics ours back on our Earth. Though we have our bed space in the main room, he (you) also provided a bedroom for each of us with a study space. There is no water and no electricity, but I guess he left it to us to arrange. Arthur, how the hell did you do it without writing about it first?

We have just come back from spending three days there. Arthur, we had a good laugh when we found the house you made for Igraekiq and Iona. You did not name it after the father or with their family name, calling it ‘Villa Iona’. You did the same for isi-mi-Metti. We decided it goes to prove you love little girls, whatever their species.


Our Unation friends have worked hard and the whole city has electricity now. The Inguel created a system for the river to provide us with water and all sewerage is treated before it is released as pure water back in the river downstream from us. I moved a couple of computers to our home and set up a server with all the data we have here in Freddie. As you said, ‘home away from home’. Thank you.

Arthur, we have been inundated by requests from our family and friends, who want to personally thank you. All the girls decided to allow one of them only as their representative.

We are skipping the plant worlds as we want to get to the Eqkees. Igraekiq is right. With only her father representing his species and the rest of us being of other species, we are changing Iona so that her own people will not be comfortable with her. She must have other children of her species to play with. Since we are in their reality, any time spent looking at other places is time they have to wait for us. For instance, Igraekiq says she is slow for a child of her age. I guess that since we cannot move as fast as she can, she never pushes herself to her limits.

The planet shimmered on the screens while Igraekiq argued with Robbie. “There is a big difference this time Robert, I can feel my soul belongs to me, is me. Last time it was too new for me to believe the way I do now. It is worth risking the pain to know for certain that we can be free.”

“I do not have the right to stop you, but I’m asking you, please wait. Allow us to first bring your wife, form your family circle and Kaleidoscope World and then try it. I promise you, there is a big difference and you will be stronger. Why suffer that excruciating pain without reason?” Despite his arguments, Igraekiq was determined to return. Iona had been listening, not really understanding everything said, but she had understood that her father wanted to return home for a visit (so did she) and that he might have to endure again the same pain that she still so vividly recalled. At his refusal to listen to Robbie, she pulled her legs in and began to keen in distress.


Igraekiq turned sideways to Robbie and said, “See what you have done?” He knew that we understood he was insulting Robbie, but was acting more out of anger and frustration at having to pacify his daughter than out of ill will. Gently he talked to her while his body language expressed a fathers’ protective stance as he explained that it is his duty as a male and adult to risk the pain if it may help all their people. He asked her to be brave for him and she accepted he has to do it and rushed to bury herself against his penis (her way of being cuddled/comforted).

The officials gathered to welcome us, but we ignored them, monitoring Igraekiq as he fought the mother soul. He lasted all of three minutes and then he collapsed in grief. Robbie had remained in his energy form, so he quickly wrapped him up and left. It meant he will have to endure the agony of separation again while he is grieving, two shocks in a row, but we’ve decided it is better than allowing him to recover first. As soon as he arrived in Freddie, Iona desperately tried to get her healer to help him. Cherine had also returned and by re-establishing the link, she was able to shorten the period of pain. Once he had recovered, he spent the whole time we were on planet sitting by the side of Robbie’s body, his feelings of shame broadcast so strongly that it was affecting all of us, but we did nothing to help him, as we believe he must work his way out of it on his own.

“You have travelled safely?”

“Yes thank you Griqkdik. We have also prepared a part of Freddie for your people. Only one problem remains.”

“Choosing our volunteers?”

“No, we are looking forward to having them with us. Griqkdik, the food machines are not able to provide food in the quantities an adult Eqkee needs. The Unation scientists are manufacturing a new model that will be able to handle the large amount of matter that is needed for conversion. Our soil does not have the high density of minerals your bodies require, so a bucket full of soil converts to the equivalent of a snack.

There is another way for us to solve the problem, but that may cause other problems. We could take enough soil from your planet to provide all your plants need to grow there, but what would happen if we try it? They could suffer the same trauma your people do when parted from your mother soul and we fear it may lead to them all dying.”

“That is an interesting concept. Could you experiment with a few plants?”

“We could, but the real problem is that it could take weeks or months before their condition deteriorates to the point where their imminent death is visible to us. If we have taken on two thousand families and the plants die, we would have to return everyone here again if the scientists are unable to improve our food machines in time.”

“You wish to delay the transfer of our people until you are certain? You will return for them Robert?”

“With your permission we would like to dig up the soil and plants you consider necessary for making the Eqkee ecological niche viable. For the present, we also think we should limit the number of people we take to about one hundred families. Griqkdik, the families should be of three people at least so that they can form their family circles and Kaleidoscope Worlds. There is one more point that affects our choice of volunteers because of the small number we can take at present. Because of Igraekiq and Iona already being with us, we think we should choose their friends and the friends of their friends so that they enjoy the companionship everyone needs. Are you in agreement?”

“I will have to ask our government to confirm their feelings on this, but it does make sense.”

“The girls are carrying recordings of our travels so that you can see how your people are loved by all of us. Do you recall my mentioning Arthur?”

“Your mother of mother souls?”

“Something like that. Wait until you see what he did out of love for Iona and her father.” We handed over the discs plus a spare player in case theirs has broken. They thanked us and after another half an hour of discussion, we were free to rush off to speak to our friends. Griqkdik accompanied Allan and Robert to visit the mother of Iona. She was not alone and they could see her neighbours were trying to calm her. They all fell silent when they saw the soft ones and Griqkdik.


“There is a problem? Can we help?”

“I’m not coming with you. I am not!” It was not necessary for anyone to be a Cherinian to grasp the fact that she was in a total panic.

“They will not force you to go with them, do not fear, you have to ask to be taken.” Griqkdik soothingly said.

“That is not what the soft one said, Kikibiqua, the one who stole my daughter.” Wisely, Robbie and Allan kept quiet, leaving her to Griqkdik. He was embarrassed by her unwarranted accusation, but patiently talked and talked until she had calmed down.

“She heard of her husband returning today and the pain he was in. She is terrified of coming with you. She is also demanding that you return her husband and daughter. I told her the government will handle the matter for her.”

“Allan, I think we better leave.” Without saying anything he handed to Griqkdik the disc he had brought her.

Igraekiq saw his refusal to heed the advice of Robbie with the foretold result, as an insult to Robbie and humiliating for him. Hearing of the embarrassment his wife caused us left him feeling thoroughly humiliated and if not for Iona, who knows what his customs would have demanded of him. He chose the only solution he could think of, he asked to be returned so that he can handle the problem directly and more efficaciously, as he declared.

“What would you achieve? You would tell them how wonderful it is to have your own soul and to be linked as a Cherinian? How will you counter their arguments that you are not linked, just enslaved by us?”

“There is no alternative Robert. If they make a decision based on her petition, they could order we take Iona back. I would have to do as I’m ordered.”

“You are jumping the gun. There is another solution.”

“I cannot see it.”

“And he has more eyes than you have Robbie.” Iona piped up, wanting to contribute to the conversation, but not understanding what the issues are, only that she did not like what she did understand. She saw her opportunity to make an observation without sounding silly and made it very earnestly. She was upset when everybody laughed.

“That he has Iona, but my two eyes are prettier than his.”

“No, I like his better, yours are strange.” Poor Igraekiq cringed, even more embarrassed. Robbie laughed.

“Stop wallowing in your feelings Igraekiq and feel her, she needs to be reassured - and what she said was funny. How would you like to try something that just might increase your chances of being free of your mother soul?”

“It would not need my wife to be here?”

“Igraekiq, there is nothing stopping you from creating your family circle with Iona. Since you both love her mother, she will not be excluded when she changes her mind and comes here. However, I do not think it would be enough on its own. Taking slivers from a number of us I think just might do the trick and make your soul feel alien to your mother soul. It has not tried to connect to our souls.”

There you have it Arthur, Robbie can come up with a brilliant idea on his own now and then.

We took them to the void and showed them how by exchanging love they can create the family circle and they succeeded. Once that was celebrated, we began the exchange of slivers with the father only. He received slivers from eleven species and then was forced to wait a day until we felt he was comfortable with them.


This time Robbie was cunning and took Igraekiq to his planet somewhere in the forest. Cherine and Dommi were in his mind with him and he reported feeling his mother soul, but that it was not forcing a takeover. It took him half an hour to relax and become confident in his freedom. Then he emoted such joy that he felt like a flock of Wirms. While he was in this mood, Robbie jumped them into the city. It was not that difficult to persuade everyone that he really has succeeded and he promised he will bring Iona down in a few days. As a demonstration, he would have loved to jump to Freddie and back, but he was not ready for that, so he jumped around the square so that everyone could see it does not cause him any suffering. He refused Robbie’s suggestion that he visit his wife and asked to return to his daughter.

“If I had known what it would be like, I would have gladly born fourteen times the pain I did without complaint. To be free Cherine, that is worth even more than the other gifts that come from you. The gifts, what would they have been worth if I knew I was not free? To live forever shackled to an unfeeling mother soul, that would have killed the joy of having a healer.”

I decided not to speak, this was not the time to present him with possibilities of further suffering and loss of freedom. First let Iona share our slivers and gain her independence too. Let him rejoice for them and what it implies for his people and then later we can allow empathy and ethics to dictate for him a new purpose, even if it costs him some of his freedom for a time. Cherine was almost belligerent in her demand to know right away what I meant so, since I told her, I might as well enter it here now, unless you guessed. Nada? Okay. We cannot allow his planetary soul to remain unaware. It too must be freed from its long sleep so that it can mature and grow.

Eqkee Cherinians will have to return and endure, merge with their mother soul repeatedly until they awaken it to the almost limitless possibilities of intelligence. I am not just being philosophical, there are practical considerations. I presume not all Eqkee will want to leave their home planet and, anyway, as has been mentioned, it might not be that easy to find planets suitable to their needs. What about future Eqkee? Are they also going to have to suffer to earn their freedom or do they take souls from the void? How would that change them and would they be able to rejoin the rest of their people at the end of time or, will they join other mother souls?

It seems Cher wants it all in the diary. I am presuming an important factor - that the mother soul will not be able to leave the planet. It will have to learn to split itself for the parts of itself that are genetically sentient and mobile, allow them (maybe encourage them?) to travel the cosmos so that they can return at intervals and share with it their…FA! I just realised something. It would be like the entity we call Adam! After that insight, I do not think I need to explain any more. We will have to help them while it is still immature, just as Robbie had to do for us. I hope we can be gentler with it than he was with Adam.

Here we go again Arthur. This is Robert. Our Sammy had an idea and she got the shakes. After she wrote the above paragraph, she sat without thinking, as if she were meditating. Whatever feeling was nagging at her suddenly allowed the thought to surface full-blown in her mind and I had to jump to her and hold her as she cried.

She would not allow us to see directly from her mind and when she could speak, she asked me, “Do you remember when I carried our World to another reality and how angry you were?” I nodded, a suspicion forming. Now she opened her mind and allowed us to see her thoughts, the magical future she is bringing us as if they are a glorious painting. We are all stunned. Of course, Alki and other friends, including Solomon and Ordinx all jumped to us when we reacted. We shared with them and they reacted just as strongly as we did. After sending to us love mixed with their ecstatic joy, most of them jumped to share with their families. By now, I suppose, most of Freddie has also shared.

I admit I got carried away with the promise of what she showed us and did not examine the idea critically. Let me try to break her idea into separate parts, as I’m certain they must have evolved. She was searching for a way to guide-teach the planetary soul and she had the brainwave of visualising Adam doing so for us. From there she took her idea to extremes, imagining not only our Kaleidoscope World travelling everywhere with us and helping other species, but all or most of the other Worlds in our reality! The effect on us? It is as if the 21st Century Earth were trying to survive without computers and suddenly every office, every desk has one of our super computers.

Samantha visualised the Worlds travelling with us within the Sparkler World. She had the sense to stipulate that the Sparkler World must not exist when we enter a new reality for the first time or when we are in danger.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

18th February, 2020

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