Steemits Got Talent Entry SEASON 2 Week #1【Dance Cover】

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Hi, guys! I'm sorry for missing from the community for a whole month as I'm bogged down with so much work at the office. So here I am now with my first ever dance video (which I hope is the first ever dance video on Steemit)!

嗨大家~我又回来啦!失踪了那么久真的不知道自己在忙三小,已经在公司连续加班两三个月了 (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง 不过我最近终于终于终于录了我人生中的第一个舞蹈影片啦!!(很激动因为一直想这么做)

【4MINUTE - 미쳐(Crazy)】Dance Cover by FACELESS

I have been learning Hip-Hop and K-pop choreography since I was 13, but I just never found the courage to post a video of myself dancing... until I met a good friend Chen (the hotter chick in the video lol) and Steemit friends @sam.hsuu @zord189 @notimetospace! I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your unending support and for pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone! I honestly never saw the day coming where I see myself in an ACTUALLY NICE dance video, and it's all thanks to @zord189 's video editing skills.

从13岁起接触 Hip-Hop 舞蹈及 K-pop 舞蹈编排,但从来没勇气发布一个自己的舞蹈影片… 直到我遇到了 Chen (影片里的辣妹搭档) 还有 Steemit 上的朋友们 @sam.hsuu @zord189 @notimetospace!真的想在此认真感谢你们全力的支持,促使我终于踏出自己的舒适圈了!真的没想到能看到自己有个像样的舞蹈影片😍 再次对 @zord189 大爷的影片拍摄及编辑技术表达无尽的感谢~~!

Like seriously, I tried recording myself on my phone and it sucks big time. Which was one of the big reasons why I thought I'd never dance professionally on shows. Who knew that video editing played a major role in making us look cool!

是说真的,我有试过自己在家练舞时录影,那影片别提多难看了… 一度没自信看自己跳舞的说 ( ̄へ ̄) 谁知道拍摄及编辑技术扮演这么重要的角色!!

I'm not the BEST dancer, but I sure as hell gave it my all during practice. I promise I'll keep dancing to Hip-Hop and dance choreography with my crew and new partners, so stay tuned on my profile for more videos in the future.

想说… 即使我不是最好的舞者,但我绝对会努力练习,不会放弃最爱的 Hip-Hop 的!未来还会继续努力与队员及新搭档录制新的舞蹈影片,就请大家多多关照啦~

Please give me an upvote and resteem my post if you liked my dance video! I also value any constructive feedback.

如果喜欢我的舞蹈影片的话,记得帮忙点赞及转帖~ 本人也非常重视及欢迎任何建设性的反馈,谢谢!


@nanastraybutt dance more!!!! I want to see you cover more kpop covers!!! Can't wait for ur next video.

Next we gonna work on Hip-Hop choreography!! Will try choreograph with my friends, might need your skills again hahahaha, belanja you kieee!! XD

can I shoot the video ? haha never have chances to shoot a video like that

Hey there!! Why not?! Zord is not always free to help us in video shootinggg hahaha what kind of videos u have been shooting before thou?

epic dance moves =)

There's a long way to fight! Thanks for dropping by and the kind comment!! :D

加油!! XD

嘿嘿嘿谢谢!!! 我会的!! ≧∇≦



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Wahhh envy your talent lah....wish I could dance like that 😊

Thank youuuuu! @coloringiship hey i also envy your talent, my "nanaphant" is a failure hahahahaha

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are you korean ? @nanastraybutt :) ..really moves like one!!..great video

@rambai hey there! Not Korean but I love kdramas and kpop dances hahahaha, thanks for dropping by!!

no problem :)

Awesome dance move and video editing skills. Love it. Keep it up.

👍🏻 还有起他的舞蹈吗?

很抱歉暂时没有 :( 我跟朋友目前都很难抽出时间一起练舞,但迟早是一定会有的 :D

好的keep in touch follow 我的blog ok ☺️