Tree shadow in the harmattan

Hello everyone! This year harmattan season is a serious one here. Just imagine people being afraid of bathing in the morning because of the cold😄 that is to tell you how serious the harmattan is. People now dress like masquerades 😄😄when going out, you wouldn't dare wear clothes that expose the body trust me. Those that tried to risk it look like dried fish when you see them😄. Honestly, even plants too feel the terrible impart; beautiful plants with beautiful leaves and attractive colours before have become sick and ugly. I was in the compound of my house this afternoon relaxing and I noticed that virtually all the leaves of this particular orange 🍊 tree have changed from green to yellow and so many of the leaves have withered off. It's just amazing, so I decided to take few pictures.







Other plants like palm tree and masquerade tree in my compound are also affected by the harmattan.




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