Continue the lockdown

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Recently, I have been locked at home every day, and I have nothing to write if I don’t go to work. Hey. . .

The community was supposed to be unblocked today, but apparently because the number of infected people was still high recently, the blockade continued.

I work at home as usual. I might be more busy than going to work in the company. After I go to the company, I have the opportunity to go downstairs to go shopping, buy a cup of coffee and have a meal. If I am at home, I am really at home. Going downstairs in the community Nothing to do. I am very envious of those friends who are locked at home and are on vacation.

Now the daily thing for Shanghai people is to grab food from various apps and add a lot of grocery shopping groups. The price is not bad, it must be a bit more expensive than before. The community is also sending vegetables. Seeing Bei Cai and Zhang Jiang, they are all sending it. Xuhui is a bit funny. Each family only sent two cucumbers.

Today, you can definitely see empty Shanghai on the Internet. Empty streets are really rare in a century.

Cities near Shanghai have dispatched medical staff and supplies to support them. Yesterday, I saw a sentence: The closure of the city not only missed the opportunity of universal immunization, but also brought about problems of people's livelihood.

The choice a person makes depends on his life experience, the leader makes a clear choice, and 30 million people play with him like this.

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The way of life during Covid 19 epidemic is difficult. Stay healthy. God save you .