Shell Gold

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These Shells aka Niihau shells are famous for being from the forbidden Hawaiian island of Niihau which is only inhabited by people of proven Hawaiian ancestry. The shells are considered gems and are insurable. The colors are all completely natural and are found on the beach looking just like this minus the hole. I made this necklace with shells my kids and I harvested from the island of Kauai. I can only make a very precious few of these because I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and my hands abilities are limited. This necklace is comprised of tiger stripe "momies" which is the Hawaiian word for pearl, pinks, burgs, ice-creams, puka shells, and Kamoas. These are names describing specific shells according to their type and color. I have been stringing for coming up on twenty years and I am proud to be keeping this almost lost art alive as it has been a tradition in Hawaii for generations to make shell leis in times and areas where flowers are scarce. DSCN0576.JPG

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Ciao, i like reading your post. I visited Oahu on september 2008 during my summer vacation and I fell in love with Hawaii. Too bed it's so far from Italy...

Wow..Italy. I would love to visit it there even though your right it is very far away.