Write up about a none write up

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It all depends on the wrist and a whole lot of luck to get yourself into the right frame of mind. There are often wonders in my head that even I the one who thought of them is still baffled by the magnificence of nothingness in my head space. This write is dedicated to the visionary, the genius of how it makes them think of all that is and was inside of them into that moment in time where everything is paused into a singular moment where you are going to have to get into that big step.

It will tell all that is and wall that was into something profound thrown into the mix of emptiness embodied to what you will find when you are searching for the what, when and where and with whom you will end up gazing into the unknown known into the feeling of what you think where you are not thinking but the thought still lingers into your mind.

Total confusion enters each breathe you take into your very fiber as time passes by into what you will get to know when you have the time to make time while you searching for the time to get into anytime even when it's sometimes.


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