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One day she was walking through a lovely pathway surrounded by trees. The air was so fresh, when she took a lung full of breath, it felt cool and calm inside. Her moment of peace and serenity didn't stay that way for long, as she saw a dark figure, hunched over in a corner - it looked lonely and the air around it felt upsetting and so, against her better judgment, she walked closer to it.


Her: Hi there. Are you okay?

Dark Figure: Do I look okay?

Her: What's wrong?

Dark Figure: What is it that is so horrible about me? Why do people paint me in such a way that I should be discarded and kept at bay? Each and everyone messes with me and a moment later throws me out like a piece of garbage.

Her: Alright, that's a horrible thing to do.

Dark Figure: Well that's how it's been for eons. I'm evil and evil is prohibited.

Her: Geez you can't think of such a thing!

Dark Figure: Lady, what do you think I am?

Her: (laughs) Are you going to say you're the Devil?

Dark Figure: No, I'm not. I am much worse. I'm the evil inside you.

“The devil is an optimist if he thinks he can make people worse than they are.”
― Karl Kraus

Photo credit:He Who Must Not Be Named



We all need to talk with our inside evil. Only then we can prosper ourselves

often we don't accept the bad or evil that's inside... we keep chasing perfection... but we forget that we're not perfect being

Somehow I feel this story should be more. But trying to get the idea, does it mean people are already bad already but the devil just trying to bring the evil out of them?

That is what I meant... if the devil was just any other guy, he'd be seen as someone who triggers other people to do something bad and I have seen a fair share of people who triggers other people to do horrible stuff and none of them looked like the devil as pictured

Hmmm.. Okay I understand.. hope you are doing well?

I'm alright... just been busy for some time... how have you been doing?

Okay.. First I thought its a serial killer, then I thought, aww poor unfortunate person, then its just went from zero to what the fuck real fast :v

yes finally i achieved the what the fuck stage

XDD That you did, but I want full story now. And you are Writing it :v

nope.... this ends here

I will murder you :3

oh you homicidal maniac

I am also interested to have a conversation with the evil inside me, maybe we would come up with some more interesting things to do. 😴

and that we will... among so many of us, there's no shortage of ideas

Ain't I a optimistic Devil!?
Amazing story Fia. I wish I could come up with something like this...

you can't make people worse... you're the second purest thing among us

ভ্যারি Untrue! Take ❤️

আই চেলেঞ্জ ইউ ছ্যার। ইউ উইল গেট এ লেবেঞ্চুস ইফ ইউ উইন।

Yet, the power is all in you and only you can let it torment and let you do anyhow.
Smile... Nice one...

absolutely, the power is within you.. thank you

You are welcome

Damnnnn!!! Thisss. This was good Medusa!

ahh thank you


Hello there, devil kitty here.


yes the kitty is very devilish


that's a demon cat not devil kitty

No no no, that's a cute and innocent lil kitty.

I don't believe you 😒

What happen next? Will the Evil inside destroy the girl or will they become friends?

some things remain a mystery

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