Rain Rain Go Away

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Art generated with Midjourney AI

To me, rain is the season to look forward to among all the other fancy dresses mother earth wears at different times throughout the year. People think I am depressed when I say, nothing to me feels more profound than the dark and ominous clouds floating in the heavens. As they are doing so right now, some of which I can see if I look out of the window in front.

I used to have a better view of the sky before. And then one day, this ugly looking eight story building popped up seemingly out of nowhere and my visibility of the view became somewhat detained. In a moment of sorrow long lost in the past, it was promised to me by the goddess of fall, to be in my possession for the rest of my breaths. That promise is broken now. So, what I do instead, is culminate a war in my imagination and fantasize that abomination to have been destroyed by a rogue bomb. There, now no one can steal it from me ever again.

The clouds are darkening, deepening, changing their form ever so rapidly, it is very hard to keep track of. One moment, it looks like a bedouin sheep searching for its herd, the other, Zeus with a lightning bolt in his hand, getting ready to strike and spread chaos. They perform the everlasting show of light and darkness. And, if you keep your eyes open, senses sharpened and keen, you'll be able to hear the dialogues of the gods when the thunder strikes. Along with it, as the plasma ripples through reality, you'll see a portal to other times open right before you. An escape from all this to another plain with no sins or sorrow chasing you. All you have to do is, just let go.


Beautiful photos!

thank you!!. not mine tho. they are generated with an AI. I can direct you to the site where these gets created if you want.

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Amazing rendition of clouds, and this statement is applicable to both parties involved, you and MJ.

Whose MJ?:000

Midjourney. 👀

For a moment, I though I was spiderman, and I have a MJ🙄