Perth Mint Silver Kookaburra Coins

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The Perth Mint produces many different Coins and other Bullion products in their Mint. I am a Silver coin collector, and consider them not only beautiful because of the new designs each year, but also an investment which will preserve wealth in the years ahead.
The 1990 Silver Kookaburra was the very first Kookaburra design released by the Mint, and it sold out of the whole 300,000 coins produced. The Kookaburra is one of the most Popular semi-numismatic coins in the world today because of the exceptional quality, limited mintage, and great designs which change every year. Older Coins such as this 1990 one, go for a high premium on the secondary market, and are getting harder to find as collectors buy up any pieces that are for sale.
Unfortunately, i have not been able to upload an image/photo of the coin like i do on STEEMIT, and i get a message the the server cannot be contacted, so i will try again later. Does anybody know why my recent post on STEEMIT is not here on Hive?
I'll try and upload a photo of the coin here later. Cheers.


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Hi @ctrl-alt-nwo I would like to see that photo of your coin.
I am using esteem app desktop and I can upload photos, you can also set node to
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Hi hunny, good to see you again ! I will post this on Steemit too . I can upload a photo there , so maybe have a look at my blog there so you can see the coin.