The Perfect Barter Item - The Utah Goldback

Trading with Precious Metals can be Difficult

What makes it difficult, especially with gold, is the precise measurement of weights. If you've ever tried working with tiny gold nuggets or flakes (or dust), it's very easy for them to get lost or "slip through the cracks" or be miscounted.


The Utah Goldback Makes it Easy

The 2019 Aurum is 1/1000 Troy Oz pure 24K gold flattened out into a tradable unit (not a US Dollar) Although the Number One is written on it, it does NOT represent one dollar, but the current value of 1/1000 Troy Oz gold.

Today, this Gold Unit is worth about $1.90, but because of it's novelty and usefulness, it sells between $4 - $5 each.


It's surprisingly difficult to photograph, because the gold is so reflective.



If we ever see the dollar go hyper, this "bill" will float way up high on the top. Who knows how valuable this "dollar" will be someday. I hope it will always remains a novelty, but perhaps it will become a new type of currency?


It's Smaller than a US Fiat

The photos make this look huge, but it's actually smaller than our typical paper dollar.


Larger Denominations

The Utah Goldback comes in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 unit sizes, all containing 24k gold to "back" up the unit value. Notice they get larger and larger.



Jm Bullion sells all the various sized online, you can even exchange crypto!


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It is quite a beautify designed non-legal tender note.
Wouldn't hurt to have a few.
Thanks for sharing

I really like the idea of earning and trading for gold, ready to sell or barter if needed.

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Good investment, not investment advice. Do it!

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the tuttle twins are great!

I really need all of those books in german for my little siblings, they are being brainwashed so hard by their mum and public school..

Eight of these books are in German! CURRENTAFFAIRS for 50% off! Share them far and wide!

all 8 books with ur code would be 40$ which would be really cool!

but shipping to germany costs additional 65$


ooof, that's some stiff shipping costs. If you're serious about buying them, I'll send 200 HIVE to help with shipping expense. (I'm serious!)

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If you use my link, I'll be notified when you purchase. I'm happy to help!

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