Old Gold

I'm not sure if I'm a member of the #silvergoldstackers group any more since it's been so long that I've posted but I logged into PeakD a minute ago and saw the latest post by @welshstacker and it reminded me that I have quite recently inherited a few old gold coins so I thought I'd share them here.

I'll start off with the smallest but oldest coin. A 1893 half sovereign weighing almost 4 grams (3.66g gold).



Next up is a 1907 Soveriegn weigning 8g (7.34g gold)



Finally we have a 1913 Sovereign.



I believe the soveriegn coins were worth £1 back when they were minted. Melt value today is around £373 each which is pretty impressive.

Prior to getting this coins I had only been able to afford to stack a bit of silver but these coins make a lovely addition to my collection and I just love holding them in my hand.

Good as gold :-)


Beautiful gold sovereigns 😍

A great looking set of sovereigns @jimbobbill , I have a 1898 and 1911 gold Sovereigns handed down to me from my Great great grandfather and I hope to pass them off to my sons including my Stack. Thanks for sharing your good fortune.

hey buddy. Nice to see you still stacking those precious metals.

Things have moved on since you were last here, but if you were a members of steemsilvergold (SSG), now known as #silvergoldstackers, then you most likely still are. Dont think weve ever removed anyone from the community for the exact reason were are seeing here. We had no idea if old members would return, so we left the list as it was.

I think you can check if youre still a member by looking on the list in the most recent post of @myprecious , but that hasnt been updated in a while either.

Just had a quick look at your wallet. I can see you have 500 hivepower delegated out somewhere. Is that to the @ssg-commuinity account or somewhere else?? To get a daily upvote, from the community curation bot, AKA "Precious", you need to be delegating to that account.

If you need help, or just a refresher on things you may no longer be sure of, just give me a shout and ill try my best to get you back up to speed.

Absolutely beautiful! Very nice coins! Those old gold sovereigns are really cool coins!


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