“Silver-Gold Cycles" Captain Joshua Slane – 11OC21

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"Base, prood, shallaw, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-poond, mingin, worsted-stockin' knaves! That's whit Ahh caa th' mirk-handed manipulators of silvers bullion! Fife days in a deathly calm! It isnae natural an' isnae supported by th' goings-oan o' th' warld! Blast an' cattertails! Th' spring is still windin'!" 😠


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"Weel bash me clams wi' a swingin' dead-eye! Doon goes th' spot price o' gauld again! Th' Hauld Cycle noo hangs by a threid muckers! Tha' moorns nicht will teel th' tale. Will we git a new Buy Cycle? Chime in an' voice yer caa!" 😮 -Keptin



Pictographic Patterns an' sae forth:




📝Note: (Similars fur gauld)

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🎃 Sassenach fur lainlubbers:

aroon (around), a scuttle (six), afair (before), aff (off), ahh (I), ain (and), an' (and), anither (another), 'att (that), athwart (across), aw (all)

baith (both), barnie (fight), beel (bell), ben (through), bevvy (drink), bide (wait), bitts (boots), blaw (blow), blimey (surprise, excitement), bloody nora (bad luck), bludy heel (bloody hell), brin' (bring), brine (sea), bunsens (money)

caa (call), caller (fresh), cannae (cannot), cheil (man), clootie (sail cloth), coods (could), cooldnae (couldn't), coorie (hurry), coppers (pennies, money)

dae (do), dobber (bastard), dobber (bastard), di'es (dives), donner (walk), doon (down), dorn't (don't)

een (eyes), enaw (enough)

fa (who), fash yerse (worry), (fold), feit (feet), fife (five), follaw (follow), fower (four), frenk (Frank), fur (for)

gain (gone), gang (go), gauld (gold), gezz (give me), gi'es (gives), glaikit (stupid), gob (mouth), gonnae (going to), guid (good)

hain (hand), hauld (hold), haur (here), heel (hell), heem (him), hiner (hope), hodden (common, inexpensive), hoo (how)

isnae (is not)

jawbox (sink), jink (dance)

ken (know), knaw (know)

laddie (boy), lain (land), lang (long), lassie (girl), lest (last), lit (let), loch (like), loon (boy)

mammy (mother), min' (mind), mirk (dark), moggie (cat), mony (many), moorns nicht (tomorrow), mucker (mate), mukker (friend)

nae (no, not), naethin' (nothing), nicht (night), noo (now)

oan (on), och (oh), onie (any), oot (out)

pest (past), picters (pictures), pit (put), poochbook (pocketbook), poke (pocket), puir (poor)

reit (right), rin (run), roost (rust)

scran (food), shair (shore), sheit (sheet), silvers (silver), skale (school), spyug (bird), stain (stand), stoaner (hard), strang (strong), swally (beer), swatch (look)

tae (to), tatties an' neebs (dinner), tay (too), techt (tight), teels (tell), thaur (there), thee (three), thes (this), thrang (busy), tint (lost), tois (two)

ur (or)

waurs (worse), wav (wave), wee (little), weecht (weight), weel (well), whit (what), wi' (with), woods (would)

ye (you)

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Dead-Eye: A circular wooden block wi' a groove aroond th' circumference tae tak' a lanyard, used singly ur in pairs tae tighten a shrood an sae forth."

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References: - Pictures from: www.freeimages.com, www.pexels.com, pixabay.com, Hive.blog, 'Queen's Beasts', Privateer -Royal Mint, 'No Prey No Pay'- Elemental Mint
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Disclaimer: "Ahh'm nae a fockin' precioos metals advisur, nur do Ahh wants ta be! Ahh'm jist a dedicated stacker in search o' hoddin silvers an' gauld! (Anyain who says otherwise is likely tae git rin- thru!) - Captain Joshua Gavin Slane


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Still keeping the watch for a Mirk wave Keptin seeing as we are now post the Perigee and the tide is perhaps turning. I doubt tomorrow but perhaps Wednesday on the Midnight Watch. I've batten down the hatches for stormy seas on way or the other.

"It's nae lookin' guid either ways mate." 😐 -Keptin