1947 Un Balboa - Silver coin of Panama

Hell○ numismatic world!!

Sharing you all my pick for the week this beautiful common coin a 1947 Un Balboa.



although some scratches and marks are obvious yet its visible details are still a beauty in my eyes.



One thing about this coin that is common to some latin aamerican coins are the emphasis on its silver content (Ley:0.900 w/c is 90% silver) and its weight GR: 26.73 (grams).

STAY Calm and KEEP Stacking





Very nice looking coins would love to have it in my collection someday

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The coin look very lovely and nice, thanks for sharing

thank you!

Your welcome

It's nice to see real money, most people just don't get it!

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I love this coin. It looks so lovely. And nice. Thank you for sharing