Feast Your Eyes On This Bad Boy….

Afternoon everyone…..

I hope that everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Mom shocked me a little yesterday. I gave her a full plate of food, and she killed it. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole, mashed turnips, tons of my fried sage turkey gravy and homemade biscuits.

Just thinking about all that food is making me full again.

But there’s more…..

Roughly forty years ago a company known as the Academy Mint produced silver ingots. They were all hand poured at that time and they are nice chunky bars.
I’m not exactly sure when, there’s not much information on it. But the Scottsdale Mint bought them out.

I was able to snag this bar from a friend a few years back in a trade. It’s the only one that I have, and only the third or fourth I’ve ever seen in person.

So feast your eyes on this BAD BOY.



Now that’s some silver right there.


Shes a chunky girl. Beautiful

Just the way you like them….🤣

Its true.

Hmm this gives me an idea to go buy a brick and some silver spray paint. How much does it weigh?

Ten Troy ounces

Aha the picture made it look much larger. Still that's pretty big for a silver bar.

I like to get the pictures with as much detail as possible.

Just park your Lambo (Hotwheels) next to it so it looks like a 300 ton silver bar.

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Great idea….🤩

It will most likely be a solid silver hotwheel lambo probably :-)

A fatty of a bar! I dig it, nice one to keep!

10 oz!!!!
You can kill with that one.

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NICE! That's gotta be a satisfying weight in your hand.

Thanks. It’s a certified door stop…🤣