Another Vintage Score

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Hi Friends,

So I was out yesterday with a few extra spondulicks in my pocket and thought I’d go past one of my spots, and, Bingo! I asked if they had any old bars or foreign national coins and out came a few normies and one of these:


Woot woot! An old style “big box” JM bar. The guy said they had a few more, so I asked if he had 9 more — And he did!!! So I grabbed 10 of them for $370 Cad and went out to the car. Once in my car I realized that they were all very tight in their serial numbers, and there were even a couple pairs and a triplet. So I did the only rational thing: I went back in and bought the rest of them which numbered 5.
And so all told, I got 15oz of vintage silver. I have a least one run of 5 in a row, and a couple triples, but there are two bars with weird serial stamps and haven’t got the loop on them yet.
But even without the serialization, I was plenty happy to get some more of these. The pics aren’t the greatest (most of them are pretty clean) but I shot them in the evening.

Enjoy this hearty haul — I’d bet whomever had these all together has had them, or received them, from a stack from the way back.



It would’a taken some old Engelhards to make me any giddier. So onward and upward — stack ‘em high!

Cheers! from @thedamus


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Oooh, weee!!!
What fun!!!
Stacking like there is no tomorrow !LOL
CHEERS @thedamus

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A-one, a-two, a one-two-three-four!

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I love these saver. They look like a proper 1oz ingot of precious metal. That they are so inexpensive now only serves my grand vision of what the future will look like 😜👍👍

JM produced quality bars and rounds when they were making them. They are no more... you are right to buy the additional 9 pieces!😜👍👍

They were less expensive than Maples… same price as a Sunshine round. It was a cinch saver 😘 but I must admit: I was inspired by your tales of wicked stacking 😲😳🤩😁🤣

Dam bro you are my hero. But I got an address you can send them to……🤑

This was a sick haul bro. It’s a complete “batch” even if they don’t all line up.

Awesome find!

Thanks amigo! Yeah, I’m pretty happy 😃 these all came from a run so they have been hiding out for like 50 years or more!

Damn you got a handful very nice 💪

These “big box” JMs are as OG as they come


I just got one really worn one but at least I still got it

That is an awesome haul! I wish my LCS had vintage stuff like that.

Yo, don’t know where yer at, but these came from a “we buy/sell gold, silver, jewelry” store — if they buy silver bullion, then likely they sell silver bullion… this isn’t an LCS but more like a one way pawn shop, lol, anyway, check it out! These guys have different stuff all the time, and I swing by and snipe the good stuff.

…maybe you have a store like this in your locale 👍

Dang. Nice haul! Sequential bars FTW!

Yeah e, some wild eyed collector is gonna’ throw large dollars at these 🤘

Damn fine score sir! Love those serialized jm bars.

Cheers tooth! This is the type nabber-grabber that makes me squeal like a wee cabin boy

What a bonanza haul!

Seek and ye shall find!

But only if I have cash to spare, my Lawyer exacted her pound of flesh last week.


Them pros charge retail and primos!

Get back on ol’ briny — far away from the law — and back to lootin’ and hootin’ and pillaging and rapscallionating, and in your case: beheading a few chumps before going for a few rounds o grog!


Those are really sweet! Very cool stuff! That's a really great buy. Keep on stacking!

Yeah man! Thaz the plan 🤘😁

Just love getting this collector stuff for base bullion prices 🤩🤩🤩