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Hi Friends,

Well it was another glorious autumnal day out here in good ol’ Vancouver. I was over on the Westside in the morning, then downtown ‘round lunchtime. And, as I am want to do sometimes, was harassing a buddy of mine via text about how much better Vancouver is vs. Toronto. Now don’t get me wrong: I love T.O. It’s more for cheeky laughs and parlay, but I did get some nice pics.

Here’s looking overtop Kits Pool at the beach and city behind


Kitsilano Beach with Stanley Park and N. Shore mountains in background.


Downtown Vancouver with Hotel Van and TD tower looking sharp


Wells I tells ya, all that site-seeing and lolly gagging around got me thinking of the ol’ burger compartment! Got me thinking that the damn thing was empty, and running on the fumes of bread crumbs and sesame seeds! I began to feel feint. I swooned in and out of rationality as I hastened my pace towards a known cure:



The relief was instant — what a tasty inhaler they make! …but it was not complete. I still had that lingering pang of desire for a shiny piece of dessert. And so, I hit the gas and let one rip, and squealed past VanGold on my way back to The Drive… Pretty happy with todays sluggo —> a good 4 x 9999/ 2 ozer from the RCM celebrating the RCMP.



I was happy to get one of these ☝️ back. I can’t remember if I gave away or sold away (or both) some of the ones I used to have, but I know they have since gone… sob

Anyway, here’s a treat for reading my whole post —> that which had to be left behind…

Some real deal early 70’s bars (from Nevada I think)


I’d wager those bad-boys haven’t seen the light of day for a long, long time. And tho I was tempted by the painted ASE ‘cause it looked so snazzy, I know that dealers and pros find them garish and undesirable.

Winter is coming and is known to be cruel
To those without burgers nor whiskey nor fuel
So make haste while ye can, while it’s all still on sale:
Or wander up Shit Creek on that lonely-ass Trail

Cheers! from @thedamus


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Nice and Chunky. You have excellent taste sir!

Thanks buggs! The 2ozers are growing on me and pack a shiny wallop 🏴‍☠️👊🏴‍☠️

Got to love a !PIMP 2oz bar!!

Aw man @senstless, you are out of PIMP to slap people.
Go Stake some more and increase your PIMP power.
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Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

I like that bar. How much was it Burger Boy?

Phyzz spot (think: $250 usd) but it sold…
A buddy of mine went past today.

Ah, that's a nice 2 oz commemorative coin! But, those vintage bars are something else!!! Oooh weee... I can imagine how much they cost!
CHEERS @thedamus 👊

That’s just it saver, they were regular phyzz spot. Around $250 usd for 10 ounces —> so the 10.49 would’ve been like $262.50 usd

They have a nice Engelhard 10 and a JM 20oz, but they were asking large primos for those — today at least! It’s a little random (I guess it depends on the clerk) but sometimes they let the good stuff go for generic pricing, but fiddle over 40 cents for a specialty coin.

Damn you got some special edition RCMP coin with George on it 🤤

Yeah, it’s a good one 👍 reminiscent of the 1973 circ quarter.


True some of those circulation ones are very expensive bigger dots or something not just the regular one