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Hi Friends!

The greatest admission of fault I have ever made against myself is that I am an irredeemable hypocrite. Thankfully, the deeper I search and the more I practice core principals the more can I slough off my prejudices and actually draw a conclusion — even if my stick art leaves some fancy-pantsers underwhelmed. But I am undeterred!

Now I’m not sure which state of paranoia I was in at the time when I bought this (or did I win it in an SGS Monster raffle? 🫨🫨🫨) but along with the Prospector I dug out another round that I photographed and had a moment with…

One thing is for sure: the War industry is booming (pun intended)




And let me be clear: I’m not wholesale thrashing anybody (Nation or Gov’t), and I have no particular animosity against the USA, although that seems very popular these days…

Hell, it’s just a round… But it is not wrong

Anyway, I fine tuned my spidey senses today and picked up some @summertooth incoming badassery, right on the same day initiated my own on-line order of “what-choo-talking-about-Willis?”

And so let’s see who’s lands first — chirpy chirp chirp @summertooth 😜😘🤣


And just because @fat-elvis rocks it so hard and makes grown men cry because of the sandwiches he eats and his moves like Jagger:

Here’s that fucking sandwich again — You Asshole!


Cheers! from @thedamus


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Guess how much that sandwich will cost on the "other side"of the U.S. Monetary Correction...

Yeah, that round is fine and dandy! Not a bad lookin' sammie either, #stacked
Peace is the way :D


✌️on 🌎🌍🌏 ✌️

…here, there and everywhere

The old SBSS rounds were the bees knees. And you need to experience the Vic Tavern Reuben. Doesn't get much better...

I’m still crying… 😜😁🤣🤯

Lofl —> long live the King!

Oh my goooooooood….🤣😂🤦🏻🍺

I am an irredeemable hypocrite.

Hehehe, I'll remember that.

That is a good SBSS, @thedamus . Debt is our own making!

What do you call people who take care of chickens?
Chicken tenders

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That's a fun round! Pretty damn cool!

Their whole series is deffo pessimistic of the world order — but they make for helluva collectors 🏴‍☠️🤩👍🏴‍☠️

This is a really beautiful round , I have yet to land a silver shield round

Freedom Girl is still a fave. The whole batch of them are great — and an interesting back story for detectives and enquiring minds 🧐😜⚡️🤘😁