Bruno! (…we don’t talk about Bruno)

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Hi Friends,

About a year or so back I sold off my Wife’s favourite door stop. The fact that it belonged to me was beside the point. It was a 1 kilo silver ingot made by Republic Metals (if I remember correctly). Anyway, I sold it off and perved out on crypto… Since then, my lovely lady bought me a 10ozer thinking she was replacing it, but I let that detail slide. And then, I sold off her lovely prezzie a couple months ago like a monster! lofl. Anyway, a few days ago I was finally able to replace the original kilo, and what a replacement!
I freaking looove Johnson&Matthey silver products.



Snazzy yah!!?

So my wife is happy, the kids are happy — ‘cause they loved the old one too — but they also know that: “we don’t talk about Bruno.” We are humble people, and even the “Richfolk” don’t use Ag kilo bars as doorstops… but we don’t give no fucks, and we don’t talk about Bruno. Which seems to be a great name for a family’s pet rock.

And check this out… 😲😲😲

Just when you thought this story could not possibly be any more enthralling, lol, look at what I paid for Bruno 👇


And then, check out serial
Number 👆

As @welshstacker would say: What the actual fuck!!?

$1330 for a Kilo — bearing serial no.# 013300

Stackitus is real frens. Be prepared!



Careful not to stub your toe on that bad boy.

It’s perfect mate, the door easily passes over it — but it’s so goddamned heavy it holds it back easily. Style is the answer!


Wow... You truly are the BIG BOSS 😁 LOL
That silver is a killer, such a beautiful view. Congrats.

Happy weekend 🤗❤️🤗
Much love

Hi Saffi! 👋👋

I still got it time to time 😘🕺🏆🚀

You sure got it 😊 always have and always Will boss 🤗


Bruno who? 😉

Yeah… jabber jabber… how ‘bout those Canucks!?

What the actual fuck!!?


Nice upgrade like a boss….
Killer match

Good clean fun D!

Nicely done! 😁

Thatsa great pick up, and crazy that the serial number matches the amount you paid.


You must be killin' it out here!
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Thx fren! I was amazed at match too 😲

Sweet bar bro! Should be a great doorstop!

Works like a charm! 😁🥳😂

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Sweet, sweet bar, @thedamus !!!
Your wife loves you!!!
CHEERS 🍻 @thedamus !!!

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Thx saver, we sure make each other laugh a lot

Ah... don't you love it! They say that you will forever love the person who makes you laugh the most!

Humour is the tonic for the mind 😘