Currency of the Apocalypse

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Hi Friends!

Well I’m back with another feel-good story about the state of the world. And truly, if you look past the headlines and disavow yourself of any of the loco-&-geo-madfuckery going on in the world that you have nothing to do with — and are not responsible for — then oftentimes you can find some joy and personal satisfaction in the beauty that is all around.

Now certainly I do not mean to diminish or trivialize some of the more pressing issues of our times, because they pose an enormous challenge, and will take many great minds and efforts to solve: if that is even possible. But it makes no sense to believe that feeling sad or lousy or guilty will aid the situation by degree. So like, if you feel really, really, really horrified and distraught and depressed you are somehow doing more than the fellow who is merely jaded.

But anyway, what do I know besides what I think about?

And so I decided to make the world a better place! I figured it was foolish of me not to see if I could still order precious metal to my PObox using crypto, because that would be freaking awesome and the resulting benefits would ripple out far across the land and sea. And if nothing else: make a few of you SGS mofoz & ‘fettes crack a grin and hoist your grog and toast the ideas and events you like.

And thus:

Y’Arrrrrr — To this funny and friendly community of Asskickers!

Y’Arrrrrr — To the ol’ loot pile!

Y’Arrrrrr — To Precious!

And Y’Arrrrr — to fresh silver in the mail!

Some of you will know I’m a fiend for Kookaburras, and so you will understand why the following was a no brainer.

Got Zombucks?




And just for more shits and giggles, I got a couple in copper and a couple of “Pandas” as well ‘cause… well, because Stackitus




Pandemonium indeed!

Keep on stacking frens, and look for the silver lining

Cheers! from @thedamus


Sage like wisdom from the big D.

Nice pickups man. The zombucks would have to be the most awesome series I've seen lately.

The Kook is GREAT! The panda leaves a little to be desired in design and precision… but the Kook is great. Now I need to fill in last couple years with the real deal.
Cheers buggs!

Really, really cool, @thedamus!!!
And they are great!

Thx saver, the kook got me old school excited

Zombie kookaburra interesting 😀 We have an influence on the world and we can change it for the better, it is best to start from our own backyard. Head's up! :)

Hear hear! 🍻

That's cool stuff! The way things are going around the world it's getting a little bit scary...

For real — They may have to start producing silver Maple-let’s get the fuck outta’ hear-leafs!


Totally love it brother. Zombucks are cool as shit…..

Fuck yeah!

Cute little birdie. 2026 they're calling it, the end is nigh :D

2012 Zombie redux! Lol

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Zombucks are sweet. I have a couple Older ones... somewhere...

I would love to see a Zombucks treatment of Elvis — 🤔😳🤩

That's a nice coin and I don't want to hear no round bs it got a face value ok !🤣 !PIMP

In the year two thousand….

Rounds will be more valuable than coins with lizard Monarchs. Or so I’m told… Lofl


Illuminati confirmed 🤣

You must be killin' it out here!
@bitcoinman just slapped you with 5.000 PIMP, @thedamus.
You earned 5.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 2/2 possible people today.


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