Daylight Robbery

Hi Friends!

Despite the rampant theft of purchase power from the plebes (that’s you and me) there seems to be some silver lining to the whole state of affairs, but I’ll get to that in a minute.
For now, behold my newest project in art thievery; and it almost breaks my heart because I particularly like this local artist and wish no fiduciary harm from my all-seeing iPhone eye… Hell, perhaps one of youz out there will pony up the 10k Cad to buy one of this artist’s fantastic pieces — the following is about 4’ x 5’ and looks just like a forest out in my neck of the woods.


So what about dat silver? Well, honestly, despite buying some cool small gold pieces and a few old Cad dollars, I have been selling my stack in the last week, like a fucking mofo, because I have wanted greater exposure to the crypto market. Now don’t get me wrong: I adore my stack and continue to grow it! But I am using it for what I believe it is for —> a savings account! And when certain deals present themselves, like another “extreme fear” crypto moment, then: Sweet Loretta!

She is there for you like a boss!


And I do pledge this: if I am right about a few thangs, then Whoah-Nelly! I will certainly have a few more shiny morsels to add to the stack.


(Chest by: @silverd510)

Las Vegas weather forecast for March 2022:

“Champagne Supernovas”

Cheers! from @thedamus


You're not the oly one selling. ;)

Like a boss buddy 👊🤩

Epic Treasure chest full of Silver! ☠️

Ol’ silver D sure knows how to build ‘em tough

Nice chest of silver!!!
Cheers @thedamus!


If you'll sell me you 1 oz bars, hahaha, I see an Englehard!

I'd sell my gold... wait I already did. Well, hope and pray I guess.

I’m beginning to eyeball the primo 😲😜😱🥳🤩